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   Chapter 506 RaR Company Under Crisis

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"What happened to the partner? Is there any problem?" Rachel asked without pausing.

Celine sensed her worries from the way her words came one after another. "There are some safety problems with the electric appliances that came from our distribution and sales. According to customer feedback, many users found problems with the products; One of the appliances caused a fire disaster when it short-circuited." She sighed before continuing. "There were casualties in the accident, and our business partner passed the blame on us. They said we didn't explain the specifics on handling and using the equipment to the customers."

She watched Rachel's expression carefully and added, "But honestly, even if without those problems, I doubt that they would have given us credit for the good sales either. Quality assurance is not under our responsibility. That's even stated in the contract. They're the manufacturer, and now their products caused an accident, they're trying to get us involved and pull us down with them," Celine muttered. "Rachel, I don't really think this partnership would do us any good."

Rachel's thought raced from what Celine had just told her, but she decided that panicking would not be the right course of action. Taking a deep breath, she thought for a while and then said, "Those electric appliances are equipped with clear instruction manuals for its use. Even if the sales department failed to explain the steps for its use clearly, it would be impossible for it to be the cause of accidents and simultaneous malfunctions.

Unless…" she paused again to seriously consider what she was about to say. "the products were not up to the quality standard in the first place."

Celine nodded in agreement. "That's exactly what I was thinking too. They're trying to use us as scapegoats for their failures to save their reputation!" Her voice rose as she spoke.

Rachel tried to quell her temper. Rash decisions were the last thing they needed right now. "Let's calm down first. Accusing them without further investigation would just add to our problems." Celine visibly calmed down from her words. "You're right. So? What's the plan now?" she asked. Rachel looked at her and said, "Before anything else, we'll have to set a meeting with the partner company to see how we can solve the problems from both sides today," Rachel said, massaging her temples.

RaR Company worked as the intermediary between the manufacturers and the supermarkets or shopping malls where the products would be distributed for sale.

The electric appliances were just one of the many products of which they were responsible for the sales.

As per standard procedure, they would review certificates of inspection relating to the product before receiving the orders. This was precisely to avoid the accidents that happened earlier. However, some manufacturers took advantage of loopholes and managed to slip through inspection.

Celine was already typing on her computer and contacting people. "Alright. I'm already making arrangements. When the schedule is finalized, we'll go and talk to our partner. For now, I'll try to do something about the negative feedbacks. The media have already begun to report the accident. We should also respond to this asap, or it would cause damages to our reputation. That would be very bad news for us" Celine said, not looking away from her screen as her fingers furiously typed on the keys.

People were saying that RaR Company went against their conscience and made money by selling defective products. If their reputation fell, it would be very difficult to regain public trust.

"Okay, go ahead with your work. Update me if anything comes up," Rachel said as she walked toward the data room.

On her way there, she thought it would be better if she personally took the contract that had been signed with the partner and the copies of the certificate of inspection relating to those products. All the clauses of the agreements were there. A little intimidation wouldn't hurt.

In the afternoon, Rachel and Celine went to th

el endured her words with her head bowed. "I'm so sorry about what happened. Please rest assured that we'll take responsibility. We're here to try to solve the problem. Aunt, we're deeply sorry for what has happened to your daughter!"

She deepened her bow, trying her best to show her remorse.

Celine also stepped forward and bowed. "I know that you're angry at us, and we accept the blame. But you should also know that we're not from the manufacturer's company. We just sold and distributed the product for them. They have shown us all the certificates. We didn't expect that such an accident would happen..."

she explained.

People gathered around them suddenly, pointed at Rachel and said, "Look at that woman. She looks kind of familiar."

"Yeah, she does look familiar. I'm sure I have seen her somewhere..." another person answered.

"Oh, I remember. Isn't she the wife of the president of Streams Company?... She is. I recognize her!" the first person continued.

"Are you sure? She... she is the wife of Mr. Rong? Oh, my god. You know how I adore Mr. Rong. I can't believe that I can see his wife here!"

Soon, the room was filled with murmurs. A girl lying on a bed talked in a low voice with another girl who was beside her, glancing at Rachel sometimes.

"I'm sure it's her. I heard that she quarreled with her husband and left home a few days ago, and Mr. Rong posted a notice on the headline to look for her."

"That's really big news! I remember that too. If that's her, do you think their company is related to the Streams Company?"

The room was small, and despite the low murmurs, the conversations were heard by everyone in the sickroom. The mother of the victim heard it as well and stepped forward again.

"My daughter is badly hurt by the fire. If you can't give us a proper solution and make up for our loss, I'll go to the court and sue you for damages!" The old lady's anger was evident in her voice.

Seeing the rage that erupted from the woman, Celine turned around to the two girls and said gravely, "Don't tell tales by just assumptions. Let's me tell you the truth. I'm the boss of the company. She is my friend. She came here to help me. Gossiping can lead to serious consequences.

With what you just said, the Streams Company could sue you for slander."

The two girls stiffened by what Celine just said. They apologized and then kept silent.

Celine knew that they couldn't get Streams Company involved. If the media knew the relationship between RaR company and Streams Company, they would make a fuss of that and things would get even complicated. With all the scandal that had just blown out from the accident, that was the last thing they needed.

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