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   Chapter 505 Longing For Hiram

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The glare of the car headlights temporarily blinded Rachel.

The man in the car slowly rolled down the car window. He was smiling at Rachel, refined and courteous.

It was Marcus.

"Didn't you go abroad?"

exclaimed Rachel remembering that Marcus told her that he wouldn't be back until next month. How had he returned so soon?

Smiling, Marcus said after a pause, "I missed you, so I came back."

Rachel rolled her eyes at him. She didn't say a word but quickened her step homeward.

Marcus matched his Rolls Royce's speed to that of Rachel's pace. "I'm just joking. Something went wrong with my work there so I decided to come back earlier.

It's a ten-minute walk to your mansion from here. Get in the car. Let me drive you home."

Rachel continued to ignore Marcus. She jammed her hands in her pockets and kept walking, "No, thank you. I prefer to walk home myself."

However, Marcus stopped and parked his car beside the road. He got out of the car and said to Rachel, "Okay, I have been meaning to go for a walk too. Let me join you."

When Marcus finished his sentences, Rachel wrapped her coat tighter around her and began to run.

Marcus was surprised. He looked at the sight of Rachel's retreating figure. He couldn't help from bursting into laughter, shaking his head.

Rachel didn't stop running until she reached home. She bent down and took a deep breath. Then she turned around to check whether Marcus had followed her. When she made sure he didn't, she walked into her mansion.

Before she went to her bedroom, Rachel went to check on Jonny and Joyce. They were sleeping.

Rachel got used to living with Hiram. Now she was all alone. She didn't know what to do. So she went to bed after taking a shower but she couldn't fall asleep. She lay on the bed and watched television for a while. Soon, she found the drama too boring, so she picked up her cell phone.

She had received a new message.

"Why did you run away? Are you scared of me?"

read the text from Marcus.

Looking at the message Rachel's thoughts drifted to the memories of that fateful night. She had decided to avoid Marcus at all costs and cut off contact with him. Although Hiram was out of H City, Rachel didn't want to give him a reason to be displeased with her.

"Mr Ren, I'm married. I think it'd be best not to meet, now or in the future."

Rachel texted back Marcus and put down her phone.

She took out a photo album from the drawer. It was a collection of Jonny and Joyce when they were bab

night. Next morning, she awoke fresh

and went to wake the children for school. Then she went downstairs to help Emma prepare breakfast.

It was still very early when Rachel called Hiram, so she knew he had probably not gone to office yet.

"Hiram, have you had breakfast?" Rachel looked at her children having their breakfast and walked towards the kitchen.

"Yes. What about you?" Hiram's voice over the phone sounded husky and warm and stirred a deep longing in her.

Biting her lips, Rachel sighed and said, "Yes, I have and the children are eating now. Hiram... I miss you."

Hiram remained silent. Then he said after a pause, "There has been a slight change of plans. A few more issues need to be handled and that will take me one more week to return. Just wait for one more week, okay Rachel?"

Rachel managed a smile and said, "Uh-huh. I just want to tell you that I miss you. I miss you soo much.

I miss you, Mr Wolf!"

Rachel's enthusiastic confession

made Hiram's laughter rumble through the phone. He lowered his voice, "I miss you too, Rachel. Wait for me. I'm gonna show you how much I have missed you when I get home. I will prove the name Mr. Wolf to you!"

Rachel breathed deeply when she heard Hiram's intentions. It made her body tingle in anticipation, but she had to calm herself down. She blew him a kiss on the phone before she hung up.

After sending the children to school, Rachel asked Carl to drive her to the company.

"Rachel, you're so early. Did you hear about what happened to our business partner!?" said Celine. She was already in office by the time Rachel came in. She presumed that Rachel had already heard the news.

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