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   Chapter 504 A Withdrawn Woman

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The days that Hiram was away, Rachel felt lost. She couldn't focus on anything else. The warmth and security she felt knowing that Hiram was waiting at home, was incomparable.

"Rachel, people will think you have broken up with your boyfriend if they don't know who you are. It's only been a few days since Hiram left and you look like a wreck!"

Celine's voice rang out as she entered the room holding files in her hand. She had lost count on how many times Rachel had sighed since the past few days.

Rachel didn't want to languish at home so she had decided to come to the company. She felt that the office would distract her, but she couldn't control her thoughts as they sang forlornly for Hiram.

"Hello, Rachel? I'm talking to you!" said Celine, flapping her hands animatedly to catch her attention. 'How can Rachel be so down and lost?

Indeed, Hiram was brilliant and attractive in an aristocratic way, but Rachel shouldn't be so obsessed with him and compromise on work in the process, ' thought Celine.

"Yes?" Jolted out of her reverie, Rachel took the files from Celine and, resting her chin on her hands, she flipped through the documents unenthusiastically.

"Come on, Rachel! You're driving me crazy. I'm going out with Hardy tonight. Come with us!" said Celine as she leaned closer to Rachel. Her spirits were so low that they were even dragging Celine down.

"Why should I join you two? I don't want to be a third wheel!" said Rachel as she grabbed a pen and signed on the files.

Celine pulled out a chair and sat in front of Rachel's desk. "Don't say that! You're not a third wheel! We hang out every day anyway, so what is the problem in joining us for one more night? I certainly don't mind at all.

Alright, so it's settled then. We are going out together tonight!"

pronounced Celine, making the decision for Rachel.

Rachel glanced at Celine and sighed. She didn't say anything for sometime before muttering under her breath, "Whatever! It makes no difference to me where I go since Hiram isn't around anyway."

After work, Rachel called home to inform them of her plans. Celine, in the meantime, dragged Rachel shopping.

Poor Hardy was forgotten behind as Celine and Rachel walked ahead window-shopping. "Isn't this cute

lding Albert's hands, Mandy murmured, "Albert, why did you want to go out with Rachel? You're two are not that close.

You know what? You can't go out with other women without telling me. I will be very jealous,"

said Mandy as she nuzzled Albert's shoulders.

Albert frowned in response and paused before he said, "Mandy, relax. You can't get jealous this easily. Rachel and I haven't met each other for a very long time. It is only natural that we may plan to catch up over a cup of tea if we have time. Nothing will happen. We're just friends."

"No way!" said Mandy with a pout. She tightened her grip over Albert's arm and continued, "Besides, don't talk to her in such a sweet way. I don't appreciate it."

Albert sighed and lapsed into silence.

Sitting on the bench outside the store, and holding a cup of hot coffee, Rachel stared at the crowd, absentmindedly.

"Rachel?" Come here! I want to hear your opinion about some clothes!" shouted Celine, standing outside the store impatiently modelling the new clothes.

"Okay," said Rachel and stood up to walk towards the store.

When they were tired of shopping, they decided to call it a day. Hardy, being the gentleman, drove Rachel to the Tulip Palace before heading back with Celine.

When Rachel got out of the car, she checked her phone. No message from Hiram. 'Perhaps he's still working, ' she thought.

Rachel put her phone back in her bag and walked towards her mansion when suddenly a car came and stopped in front of her.

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