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   Chapter 503 I’m A Grown Man.

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"Why?" Rachel burst into laughter. 'Why he became timid after attending school?' she wondered.

"Daddy is a tough man, so am I. Only Daddy can see my ass," answered Jonny pensively and refused to take off his pants before Rachel.

Rachel nodded and controlled her laughter. "Fine, I will call your father in," conceded Rachel.

After leaving Jonny's room, Rachel laughed loudly for a while. 'It seems my little son has grown up!' Rachel thought in her mind.

Hiram crossed her way when Rachel busted out laughing. "What are you smirking about? Is Jonny alright?"

Rachel couldn't resist a terrible cough before giving the medicine to Hiram. "Jonny said he is a tough man like you. Since I'm a woman, he refused to remove his pants before me. He called you to apply medicine on his ass," said Rachel.

On hearing this, Hiram smiled and took the medicine, and then he opened the door and entered.

Rachel shook her head, disgracefully. 'Well, Jonny has grown enough to distinguish between men and women.

It looks like Joyce is better, as she will never refuse me, ' thought Rachel.

She banged Joyce's door lightly. As there was no response, she entered in and saw Joyce was dancing in nice attire, following a TV show of a girl's dance. "Mom! Am I beautiful?" Joyce asked with excitement as Rachel entered.

"Of course! My Joyce is the most charming little princess in this world!" Rachel sat on Joyce's bed with a warm smile, as she watched Joyce's vibrant dance, Rachel thought that if it was the time to choose a dancing school for her. She and Hiram were reluctant to part with Joyce due to her young age. Now she was attending the kindergarten, so it would be apt for her to learn dance at this age.

"Baby, tell mom, what kind of dance you want to learn?"

On hearing this, Joyce paused for a moment before she came closer to Rachel and answered without hesitation, "I like ice ballet. I think those little sisters who are dancing in the TV show are beautiful. They dance like a real swan swimming in the water. How realistic they are!"

"Well. But ballet is tedious to learn, especially ice ballet," said Rachel with concern, worried that Joyce wouldn't withstand the severe training of ballet.

"Mom, let me try. I won't be afraid of the hard training if I really enjoy it," said Joy

Rachel imposed her head on Hiram's shoulder as she watched the movie and crunched the chips. Although it was hilarious, she didn't bother to smile.

As soon as she speculated that Hiram was prepared to leave for a long time. Then, she lost interest in the movie.

Even though she was dejected, she could not leave with Hiram. As Fannie had left to the XH Village, so she had to take care of their kids.

Hiram understood her mood swings because her frequency of eating chips told that she was in no mood to watch the movie. Hiram looked down at Rachel and pinched her cheeks. "Dear, what is wrong with you? Do you want to accompany me?"

Rachel shook her head as she munched the chips. "I'm fine. The city you go is not distant, and Jonny and Joyce need me as well."

Although she was not used to living without Hiram for such a long time, she couldn't follow him everywhere.

"Well, I will be back as soon as the situation gets balanced. It won't take too long." Hiram planted a kiss on her forehead and continued to watch the movie.

Rachel tried to conceal her emotion as they returned to the bedroom after the movie finished. 'It's usual for Hiram to take a business trip. There is no need to be emotional, ' Rachel consoled herself.

Then she grabbed Hiram's waist and raised herself on tiptoe to lip-lock him.

Since Hiram was leaving tomorrow, she wanted to spend a romantic night with him.

Hiram smiled because he knew what Rachel thought. He pushed her on the bed and tasted her luscious pair of lips as a response.

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