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   Chapter 502 The Strength to Protect

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Hiram walked in, towering over everyone else in the room.

He could hear a man swear at Rachel from outside. 'How dare that man swear at my wife and children!' grimaced Hiram.

"Daddy!" screamed little Joyce as she ran to Hiram. She held his hand and complained, "Dad, They are the parents of Boris. They were so angry and scary that I wanted to cry."

Joyce had mastered the most endearing way of complaining. She pouted her lips in dismay and looked towards Boris's parents.

Rachel began to relax, a little, upon seeing Hiram. Jonny walked over to his father with his head hung low, his little face was bright red with anger.

Hiram glanced at Mr Wu coldly and said, "I remember you as the Manager of the FX Group. What happened between you and my wife?"

Mr Wu had seen Hiram very rarely, so it took him some time to recognize him. The confusion was evident on his face.

Until he was finally able to place Hiram. Mr Wu was muted and rooted to the spot.

Just then, the headmaster showed up with the ice cubes that Mrs Wu had demanded from him earlier. Then he too spotted Hiram and extended his greetings, "Mr Rong, so good to see you.

To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Even though the headmaster was an older man, he was still able to recognize Hiram instantly. The President of the Streams Company, the top company of H City, was not a face that people easily forgot.

Then the truth dawned on the headmaster and he clapped his hand on his forehead in remorse.

Jonny was Mr Rong's son! They both bore the same family name.

The headmaster quickly changed tactics and focused his attention on Jonny, and said, "Jonny, come over here! I have brought ice cubes for you. Press it on your face and you won't feel the pain. Do you need any help?"

Jonny was reluctant to accept the offer, even he had noticed the hypocrisy of the headmaster.

"Mr Rong! There has been a misunderstanding," bumbled Mr Wu, finally collecting himself, and crooned sycophantically, "Mr Rong, what a wonderful coincidence. I did not expect that my son attended the same school as your son. It is such a pleasure! I'm so honored!!"


han four years old, might not understand the gravity of his words, nonetheless, he would make an example of today's incident to teach his son a valuable lesson.

Jonny nodded his head and said, "I will, Dad. I'll keep in mind that I must be stronger and stronger, so I'll able to protect myself as well as Joyce and mom."

A seed of determination was sown in little Jonny's mind.

He would never bully other kids as Boris did. But he would try to make himself stronger in order to protect the people he loved. Like how an umbrella protected people from the rain.

Rachel looked at Jonny, who was absorbed in his thoughts and said with a smile, "Alright. Jonny, you're still a kid now. These are some things you don't have to think about too much. Are you still feeling pain? Mommy will put some medicine on your wound when we get home."

She looked at the bruise on Jonny's face and decided to check his butt to see if it was bruised after they got home.

She wanted her children to enjoy their childhood to the fullest and not to be exposed to the harshness of being adults so early in life.

When they returned to the Tulip Palace, Rachel took some medicine and applied it on the wound on Jonny's face. Then she took him into the bedroom and said, "Jonny, take your pants off and let mommy check whether your butt is hurt or not."

Jonny looked away shyly and said, "Mommy, could you let dad do that, please?"

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