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   Chapter 501 Abusing Power On The Powerless

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The boy's mother suddenly grabbed hold of Jonny's clothes and lifted him up, ready to throw him to the side.

"Stop it! LET GO OF MY SON!" screamed Rachel. Her heart was gripped with horror as she witnessed the boy's mother take advantage of her strength, as an adult, to pull Jonny up by his collar.

"Please, please stop it! Mrs. Wu, it's only a small fight between the kids. The swelling on your son's face will come down very soon and he will recover in two days. Please, put Jonny down first!" pleaded Miss Qin, the teacher, as she hurriedly tried to take Jonny from the mother's clutches.

But Mrs. Wu loosened her grip on Jonny before the teacher could reach him, and Jonny fell flat onto the ground.

Bang! Jonny landed on his butt and shrieked in pain.

Rachel was taken aback. Burning with anger, she immediately ran over to hold Jonny and scolded Mrs. Wu, "This is enough! You're a grown-up. How can you be so violent with a three-year-old child? Is this what your education has taught you?"

Then she shifted her gaze to Jonny, anxious to check on her son, and asked with concern, "Jonny, how do you feel? Are you hurt?"

Seeing his mother's worried look, Jonny gritted his teeth and shook his little head. "No, I'm fine. Just a little bit of pain in my butt. Don't worry, mommy..." he reassured his mother.

Rachel held her son tightly in her arms and took a deep breath of relief. It was a small conflict. She hadn't expected the matter to escalate so badly due to Mrs. Wu's unreasonable behavior.

Rachel was furious. She would not allow her son to be bullied by other people so easily.

"My education? Huh! Don't you see the ill-mannered and wicked expression on your son's face? I've been very generous, else I would have slapped him across his face!" snorted Mrs. Wu, whose name was Stephanie, in contempt.

Controlling her anger, Rachel turned to Miss Qin, the teacher, and said, "Miss Qin, please take me to see the headmaster. Having such a violent parent, and her child is very detrimental to the school's reputation."

Miss Qin paused and nodded her head. Now that the matter had turned into such a serious situation, it was beyond her ability to solve it alone. Miss Qin thought that she'd better report it to the headmaster.

"Hey! What did you mean? Do you think you can ask the headmaster to expel us from the kindergarten? What a joke! Let me tell you. You won't be able to do it! You don't have the power to do so!" Mrs. Wu said and laughed at Rachel.

Mrs. Wu was clearly not afraid of seeing the headmaster at all!

Miss Qin ushered everyone to the Principal's office.

The headmaster, a man in his fifties, immediately jumped up to greet Stephanie the moment he saw her enter his office. Hello, Mrs. Wu, the General Manager's wife! Nice to meet you! Have you come to pick up your child from school today?"

Mrs. Wu had walked into the office with an air of arrogance, her chest was out and her chin was in the air. She pulled her son to stand in front of


A few moments later, Mr. Wu, Boris's father, arrived at the office. Mr. Wu happened to be close by to the school when he received Mrs. Wu's call, and so he was able to join them very soon.

"What's the matter? Come to me, son!" Mr. Wu beckoned to Boris, and continued, "Oh! My dear, why is your face so red and swollen?" Mr. Wu asked in a sympathetic voice, holding Boris in his arms.

Her husband's presence amplified Mrs. Wu's arrogance. She instantly pointed at Rachel and Jonny, and complained to her husband, "Look! That woman's son hit our son, and now they refuse to apologize! Honey, I suggest that you should find some way to expel them from this school. If her son continues studying in this school, he'll bully our son every now and then. We cannot allow that to happen again!"

Hearing Mrs. Wu's words, Mr. Wu put down his son and walked up to Rachel and Jonny.

"You brat! You hit my son?" he yelled at Jonny, his eyes burning with anger.

Rachel realized that the source of this negativity originated from Mr. Wu. Like father, like son. No wonder both Boris and Mrs. Wu were so arrogant and unreasonable.

"It's your son who started the fight, so my son simply returned a punch. If you are still unclear about the whole matter, you can go and check the surveillance cameras. And I suggest that you stop abusing your power to bully others,"

Rachel answered back calmly, and fearlessly.

"What? You bitch! How dare you talk to me this way! Yes, I have power in my hand, so what? Whatever the reason, your son hit my son, and that is your boy's fault! But instead of making an apology, you have the gall to retort to me?!"

Rachel's response had indeed irritated Mr. Wu very much. He had never been challenged by a woman this way, especially in front of his son and wife. In a fit of anger, he rolled up his sleeves, to teach Rachel a lesson.

Suddenly, the door was flung open.

A tall and intimidating figure came in and growled, "I dare you to lay a finger on her."

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