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   Chapter 500 Is Your Father An Important Person

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'Did Jonny really fight with other children?'

Rachel was surprised to hear the news from Jonny's teacher. She couldn't imagine it to be true. She knew that Jonny was a good boy and behaved well at all times. So, how could he possibly fight with others after only going to school for several days?

After she arrived at the school, Rachel saw Jonny. His face seemed as though it was painted in different shades of blue and purple. When Rachel saw him, he raised his head and stared at the two other boys indignantly.

"Jonny, what happened? Jonny, please, tell me. Why did you get into a fight with the other children?" Rachel walked up to Jonny and squatted down in front of him. Although she had to discipline him, she wanted to comfort him more than anything else. She then gently touched his bruised face. He was born with big bright eyes, which looked equally as attractive as Hiram's, but his eyes were filled with anger the moment he glared at the two boys.

Seeing his mother, Jonny didn't cry at all. He just lowered his head, pouted and then said, "They bullied Joyce. One of them pulled her hair, while the other scribbled on her clothes with a pen. I walked over to them to persuade them to stop, but they didn't listen to me and pushed me away. I was so angry that I hit them. They needed to be taught a lesson."

Their teacher, Miss Qin, came up to Jonny and said, "Jonny, I know they did the wrong thing, but you shouldn't start a fight with them in such a situation. You should've come to me first."

"Mrs. Rong, the two boys' mothers are on their way and will be here soon. I'm very sorry. It's my fault that I didn't take good enough care of your children. I hope that we can deal with this matter in a peaceful manner,"

said Miss Qin, after nodding at Rachel apologetically.

Rachel found that the other two boys were injured much more seriously than Jonny, whose left face just had a couple of minor bruises. As for the two boys, one's face was swollen, while the other boy's nose bled.

After a while, the two boys' mothers arrived at the school.

The two boys immediately burst into tears the moment they saw their mothers walk in. They both complained about what had happened to them while weeping helplessly.

One of the boys pointed at Jonny and said, "Mother, he's the one who hit me! He beat me up so badly that my face got swollen."

Upon hearing what her son had said, the boy's mother drew the boy in front of Jonny, saying, "What's wrong with you? How dare you hit my son like this?"

"Please don't be angry. It's more common for children to have a fight than you may think. Jonny hit them because he wanted to protect his sister. I hope that you can understand the situation. Let's settle this matter calmly and collectively, okay?" said Miss Qin patiently, after noticing that the boy's mother was furious.

"Since my son is injured, it's impossible to resolve this incident peacefully. It doesn't matter if the children were just playing together. How could he have the audacity to hit my son in the first place?" After casting a glance at Jonny, the boy's mother a

muttered, suddenly realizing that she had asked Hiram to go to her company to pick her up from work today. Rachel was in such a rush to go to the school that she completely forgot to tell him about what had happened and that she would no longer have to be picked up at work.

"Hello, Hiram. I'm dealing with something at the school right now. You can come to the school to pick Jonny and me up on the way home. Is that fine?" Rachel said over the phone, walking out of the teacher's office quickly.

"School? What's wrong? What happened?" When he heard Rachel's words, Hiram turned his car around and drove towards the Tulip Palace.

Rachel glanced at Jonny, whose face was injured. She knew that she wouldn't be able to hide this incident from Hiram. Thus, she replied, "Jonny got into a fight with his classmates."

After keeping silent for a while, Hiram said, "Oh, I see. Did he win or lose?"

Rachel cleared her throat thoroughly and said, Two boys fought against your son. Do you think that our boy could've defeated them?" Rachel was amused by the fact that Hiram cared about the result of such an awful thing.

"I'll be there soon. Bye." Before Rachel could say anything else, Hiram hung up the phone.

Rachel sighed with a slight smile. She then turned around, as she heard kids fighting in the classroom.

Her smile faded quickly. She then immediately ran into the classroom, finding that Jonny and Stephanie's son was fighting with one another once again.

"Jonny Rong! Stop that, now! How dare you glare at me like that? I will beat you up if you glare at me again!"

"Get off of me. Don't touch me! I'm angry, so I glared at you. Now what?"

Jonny tried his best to push the boy away, muttering, "He hit me again just now. So, I will glare at him. He doesn't expect me to smile at him, does he?"

"Oh, no! You are such a naughty boy! You beat my son again! How dare you?" The moment the boy's mother saw what had happened, she ran up to Jonny to grab him by the collar. She then lifted him up angrily, as she saw Jonny striking back at her son.

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