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   Chapter 499 Jonny Had A Conflict

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The next round demanded better physical coordination. Each couple should select one of them to challenge crossing the obstacles with eyes closed, and the other could instruct from behind.

This game was interesting for Hiram, and Rachel got some support, because Hiram got a pair of sensitive ears. He underwent all the obstacles successfully and reached the end first.

After all the couples finished, Rachel surprisingly found that a couple, both of who were more than fifty years old, progressed to the end, and all the people observed applauded warmly for them. It seemed although age had taken its tally, it also brought the most memorable gift.

It could connect two completely different persons into one, who would support each other in difficult times.

Rachel and Hiram bagged the first prize and Rachel smiled conceitedly, holding the prizes, a bouquet of ninety-nine red roses and a toy bear that was almost her height.

Although the red roses were arranged by the restaurant, it was Hiram who presented her with a happy note.

"Are you really excited?" Hiram asked after they got into the car. He couldn't resist smiling when he noticed Rachel laughing as if there was a hanger in her mouth.

Rachel nodded repeatedly in approval and replied in her sweetest voice, "Yes, I am. You know what? This is the first time that you have ever sent flowers to me. If you send me more flowers later, maybe I will get fed up and bored.

Hiram glanced at her blissfully and shook his head, asking, "I got to go back to work. How about you?"

"Hmm, me too. Please drop me off first before you reach the Streams Building, and pick me up when you are done with your work," Rachel replied gladly as she smelled the fragrance of the roses.

"Alright! Here we go!" Hiram said, as he started the car.

As soon as they arrived, Rachel carried the red roses with her and left the toy bear on back seats, thinking they would go home together after work. She preferred to take the roses to her office as it would feel great to work in the sweet fragrance.

The moment she entered, Celine ran to her with her eyes glowing with excitement, "Wow, who gifted you this huge bouquet of roses? Do you have a secret lover? It was undoubtedly from Mr. Rong! I thought he is not a romantic type of guy!"

She took the roses from Rachel and was lost in the fragrance of flowers.

"Prizes from a game. Is there anything assigned for me today?" Rachel said as removed her bag from her shoulders and directed herself to the office.

Cline tugged her arms to stop her and said hastily, "Wait, Rachel! A client is waiting for you in your office now, and he said he wanted to discuss the design plan with you.

He is a tough guy that

ashing clothes, and he looked more like a reserved entrepreneur to her.

As soon as he left, Rachel's phone rang and she picked it up hastily without checking who it was.

"Do you like it?" Marcus asked.

Rachel felt her hair stand on end and heaved a sigh before replying, with her eyes glued to the painting, "It is great and thank you."

"I'm pleased that you like it. Listen, I'm flying abroad the following days and will return by next month. I will hand over my house to you and please take care of it for me," he said hesitantly.

Rachel was clueless for a moment, and she wondered why he always informed her about his absence in the town.

"Okay, I will. It's our pleasure and we are working hard to keep all our clients contented," Rachel promised. She presumed that he said so maybe because she was garnishing his house now.

"That's it. Please take care," Marcus said in a humble tone.

But it sounded eccentric to Rachel. Was he talking about the decoration? But why did he sound like a husband who was saying goodbye to his wife before he departed for a business trip?

After she hung up, she was in confusion for quite a long time before she realized that, and she quivered her head to overcome this strange feeling.

As she stared at the painting in her hand, she wondered what she should do with it and it would be immoral to trash it, because it was really a masterpiece. She heaved a sigh and put it on the desk again.

It was early in the afternoon and she called Celine to join her. They discussed the problems they confronted in recent days.

It was time for her to leave when she received a call from one of Jonny's teachers.

"Hello, is that Jonny's mother? I'm Ms. Qin from his school and can you come here now? He had a quarrel with one of his classmates just now."

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