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   Chapter 498 Play Games Together

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"Those games are for young couples honey. Honey…"

Hiram was about to say no to playing games with Rachel, but when he saw her smile and her pleading eyes he couldn't help but just say yes to her. She was so irresistible.

Knowing that she had won the battle, Rachel stood up, kissed Hiram on the cheeks and whispered in his ears, "Honey, we are still young!"

Although four years had passed, and Hiram had grown into a mature man, he looked as young and handsome as he was before. His body was in great shape for he had been working out. If he could lie and tell everyone that he was around twenty years old, nobody would have given him a doubt.

"Waitress! Please! Can I ask when will the games start? Can we join in after we finish eating?" Rachel asked the waitress with a smile.

"Of course you can! The games will start in an hour," the waitress answered enthusiastically.

After the dinner, Rachel took Hiram to the game site.

The set-up was arranged by the restaurant. The ambiance was both surreal and romantic with pink balloons along the passageways.

The first round had three games. One of them would be played on the water.

The first game would scale as to what degree did the couple know each other by asking them to answer the same question at the same time, and the second one was to test how well the couple could cooperate with each other using their bodies.

The organizers of the games had done a great deal of advertising as seen on the number of participants, among whom were some couples over fifty years old. With young spirits, they had come to have fun and take on the challenge.

The couples had to win all three games to get to the next round. Otherwise, they would be eliminated.

The first game had three challenge questions, and a couple must give the same answers for each question. Having different answers for one question, they would be eliminated.

Rachel and Hiram arrived at the site a little late, so they stood at the end of the line. But Rachel thought it was a good idea to let other couples first do the game, because this would buy them some time to prepare for the questions.

However, the waiting soon turned out to be no reward because the questions were asked randomly and were never repeat

or all sort of things in her mind.

Suddenly something popped into her mind.

Hiram didn't hurry. He had to think it over carefully because there was a wide range of answers. But when he saw Rachel starting to write her answer, he chuckled, and then wrote down a word on his board.

He was inspired by Rachel.

"Okay, please show us your answers now," said the host.

Rachel turned her board timidly as the host gave the instruction. Seeing a big 'BED' written on Rachel's answer board, the onlookers burst out laughing again.

But some of them said it was a good idea to bring a bed. With a bed and a primitive house built on the island, that was a home.

Rachel stared at Hiram, her heartbeat speeding up.

Just then, Hiram gave her a smile and turned his answer board on which was also a big 'BED'.

Rachel sighed in relief.

Here was how Rachel thought about this question: she spent almost half of a day to sleep, so of course the bed was the most important item to her.

After passing the first game, Hiram and Rachel sat aside to rest and watch the couples before them play the second game. All attendees who had passed the first game started the second one in the previous order. Someone would inform them when it was their turn.

"Why did you choose to bring a bed?" Rachel asked curiously with a hot drink in her hands.

Hiram took a sip of his drink and said, "Because I guessed you sleepyhead must have chosen a bed. But I…"

Hiram suddenly stopped talking and smiled.

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