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   Chapter 497 Honey, You Did A Great Job

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Mr. Rong was always very determined and decisive in managing the company. He was never sympathetic towards those staff workers who were not responsible and reclined at work.

So the man in a dark blue suit deliberately asked such a question to pervert Rachel's meaning, intending to embarrass her.

Now all the representatives in the meeting room haunted their eyes on Rachel, waiting to see how she would answer his question.

Rachel could clearly sense their annoying gaze and heaved a sigh. Actually, it was not effortless to be a leader of a company. If you couldn't convince everyone with your own abilities, then you would be confronted openly like what she was experiencing now.

The man's question was a real tough one. If she answered yes, it would indicate that she disagreed with Hiram's policy on managing the staff, that Hiram was too strict and unruly. But if she answered no, it would state that her opinion about increasing the welfare to promote the workers' enthusiasm was ludicrous.

Either way, it would be either contradicting Hiram or herself.

After a pause, Rachel replied in a calm voice, "How do my words contradict Mr. Rong's management policy? Mr. Rong said that anyone who made mistakes thrice at work would be fired. Of course he is sensible to do that. If a worker commits a mistake repetitively, we won't always give him or her a chance. What I said just now was that we should know how to utilize our human resources effectively. We can't judge whether a worker is a good one or bad one in a casual way. So why do you think there is a disparity between Mr. Rong's and my idea?"

Rachel raised her eyebrows to the man in dark blue suit, who had asked such an offensive question. Just before the man could open his mouth to retaliate to Rachel, she quickly cut in, giving him no chance to speak further.

"But you fired a very sensible and interesting question, thank you very much. So what about other people? Do you have any other question?" she asked and then shifted her gaze to the other representatives in the meeting room.

"Mrs. Rong, could you tell me why our CEO didn't attend the meeting today?" a female representative raised her hand and asked.

"Yes, my same question. Mr. Rong has never skipped any meeting. Why didn't he come today? I know we are just subordinates. But I think it's okay for us to be concerned about our boss's condition. Right?" another representative also raised his hand to ask.

"Mrs. Rong, does it mean that you will attend the meeting instead of Mr. Rong each time he is absent to work in the future?" a representative asked in a cynical voice.

Maybe not all the representatives here were the most exceptional ones in each branch company, but they were indeed very efficient in work and smart enough to come and attend this meeting. So it was not easy for Rachel to answer their questions.

A bunch of questions were shot at Rachel like a tidal wave as the

y outside.

"Try this. This grape wine is prepared by the owner of this restaurant. It's tasty and healthy," Hiram said as he poured a glass of wine for her.

It had been a long time since he visited this restaurant the last time. He decided, impulsively, to bring Rachel here to taste these foods.

As Rachel gulped a sip of the wine, she peeped outside and then examined the restaurant as if she was searching for something.

Seeing her glimpsing around the surroundings, Hiram asked, "What's up?"

"I'm just checking whether there is another beautiful woman here," Rachel ridiculed. She recalled how she met Flora at a restaurant in the Phoenix Street. It was also in an exquisite restaurant where a woman was silently waiting for Hiram's love.

Hiram burst into laughter and shook his head. He said in a mocking tone, "Unfortunately the owner of this restaurant is a man."

At the same moment, a waitress came to their table and said courteously, "Good afternoon, dear customers. Today is the 18th anniversary for our boss and madam, so we have a special activity today.

If any couple can pass three games consistently, we will offer a chance for a free meal, and what's more, we will provide some extra gifts and also 20% discount on any meal here from now on!"

Rachel's eyes glittered when she heard about a free meal, so she asked eagerly, "Really? What are the games? And where should we play them?"

Although they were financially good, it was such a wonderful chance to have some fun together with Hiram, so of course, Rachel wouldn't miss it!

"This is our brochure for the activity. Please read it and if you are interested in it, please gear up and have fun!" The waitress cheered up Rachel and placed a brochure on their table.

After reading it, Rachel looked at Hiram with her eyes glittering and enquired, "Honey? Let's play these games, okay?"

Hiram furrowed his eyebrows and glanced at the prologue on the brochure.

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