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   Chapter 496 The Wife of Hiram Rong

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 10609

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Marcus looked at the desperation on her face and knew she was waiting for him to console her. He hesitated a moment and said, "You know, we're always friends."

Being friends meant she could rely on him all her life, but she wasn't allowed to cross the line and become his lover or wife later.

"Friends? Why do both of you give me the same option?" Flora let out a cruel laugh, bereft of a soul or will power. She stepped back with a look of misery on her face.

"I'm sorry I can't help you anymore regarding Hiram Rong, but if you need something else or if you're in trouble, please contact me at any time, and I'll try my best to help you," Marcus said. Then he took a deep sigh and added, "If you don't feel like getting married, I can support you financially for the rest of your life."

He offered to help Flora because he knew it was impossible for Hiram to marry her, even though he didn't have to do it. But it seemed Flora would insist on never marrying unless the man at the altar would be Hiram.

He was capable of that, but not other things, such as marrying her.

Flora slowly straightened her back, walked to the door mechanically, opened it and walked out.

"I don't need any sympathy... I don't need anyone's sympathy," she murmured as she walked away.

'Hiram, you will live to regret this…' she swore in her mind.

It was the next morning and it was the bedroom of Hiram and Rachel in Tulip Palace.

The sun shone brightly through the windows. Resting her chin on both palms, Rachel lay on her stomach and gazed at the man sleeping peacefully beside her.

She observed him from head to toe, and it was a strange night yesterday. Something must have happened to Hiram. She did not know how his sexual appetite was like that of a beast who hadn't eaten all winter. She had lost count on how many times they had made love last night.

Hiram's phone, that lay on the bedside table, rang out suddenly. Rachel hurriedly got up, grabbed it from the table and muted it, afraid that it would wake him.

To her relief, he didn't stir and appeared dead to the world.

Rachel took his phone and tiptoed to the balcony. It was Ben calling, so she answered.

"Hello, Ben! It's me, Rachel. Is there anything urgent?" she spoke in a low voice.

"Oh, Morning, Mrs. Rong! I wanted to inquire why Mr. Rong hasn't come to the office today? There are two documents that need to be signed immediately, and they have to be sent out, to our partner, this morning." explained Ben, rapidly.

Rachel glanced at Hiram, oblivious in sweet slumber, and turned back to the phone and asked, "Can I sign it for him?"

She was reluctant to wake him.

The past few weeks had been demanding for Hiram. Office aside, he had always been trapped in various other unfortunate matters like Flora's obsession and Lydia's death. Through all this, he had never taken a day off from work, even though he was plagued by lack of sleep.

"Oh, that. Hum, if Mr. Rong is unavailable then, yes, you can, Mrs. Rong!" Ben confirmed. Rachel remembered the contingency that Hiram had set down in the unlikely event that he was unavailable. In such a situation, he gave Rachel

y and instead are often found slacking. What are we getting for improving their incentive benefits?

Please provide an explanation, Mrs. Rong."

Asked a manager, dressed in a dark blue suit and a pair of glasses, with a sly smile on his face.

Rachel turned to him and smiled before replying, "Yes, I believe that every company has such employees, but it is important to remember that they are just a minority of people. Our benefits are meant for all employees of the company, and I feel that most of them do contribute. I think the problem is not the benefits, but it is about how to correctly assess each employee so that we can assign them roles that best suit their skill set."

Several years of experience in running her own company had taught Rachel valuable lessons regarding the gainful motivation of employees.

She understood that there were some long-serving employees whose output had stagnated because they had spent too much time in their current positions. The vast experience within the organization made them irreplaceable. The solution was not to terminate these employees.

The best way to deal with them was to adjust their positions or improve their benefits according to their portfolios, and motivate initiative.

If neither methods solved the problem, it would be prudent to involve the HR department to find out what the actual problem was, in a friendly and warm manner.

The dark-blue suited manager nodded slowly with a smile, and said, "Yes, Mrs. Rong, I believe you have some good points. But your solution is in direct conflict with the rules that Mr. Rong has been enforcing for a long time.

Mr. Rong always puts the shoe on the right foot. He values the attitude and ethics of all employees and does not allow an employee to falter more than three times. If any employee exceeds the three turns - he is summarily fired. According to your suggestions, does it not imply that Mr. Rong is slightly ruthless?"

The manager had deliberately ensured that Rachel was put in this awkward situation. He looked at her with a smirk on his face and waited for her to respond.

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