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   Chapter 495 A Senseless Woman

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Hiram stared at her sharply, gradually restricted his deep-set eyes and said, "Stupid. You're insane and it's completely a silly thing to do.

Even though you commit suicide, I will lead a happy life, placidly. If you don't believe me, just do it.

Your parents brought you into this world to lead a decent life, but you use your life as a bargaining chip to force a man to love you. Don't you feel embarrassed about it?"

Hiram said harshly. He was not lurched by her warning that she would end her life if he left. He buttoned his shirt, as he spoke.

He despised those who failed to embrace their lives.

Flora stared at him, frozen with shock. She never expected that he would detest her when she dared to risk her own life at the cost of sleeping with him for a night.

"Really? Hiram, you are least bothered about me and don't you care about me ending my life, because of you"? She questioned in distress. This evening, she had threatened him and tried her best to convince him to have sex with her, but he had rejected her from the beginning.

Did any other husband as loyal as Hiram exist in this universe?

It was pathetic that he was a thorough gentleman.

And it was a pity that she was not his wife.

He was a flawless husband in woman's hearts, but there existed only one such person in this world. What a pity!

Hiram buzzed a telephone number. Chad soon entered the room with two bodyguards.

Flora stared at Hiram anxiously, as the knife in her hand fell down. How could Chad come here now? He should have fainted.

"Flora, if I fainted by your hit, how can I work for Hiram for so many years?" Chad said with a smile.

He had escorted Hiram for years and had experienced a lot with him. If he had not mastered the skill of self-protection, he would have been chucked out of town by Hiram!

As he spoke, Chad paced up to Hiram and asked, "Are you Okay"?

At the same time, a bodyguard also rushed to Hiram, held his arm and gave him support to stand up.

Hiram walked towards the door. As he reached the entrance, he didn't turn around but said something in a low voice to her.

"Flora, we are not friends anymore. Remember, next time we meet we will be strangers".

Hearing this, Flora stood still, then she sat on the floor, immobilized out of shock.

In the Tulip Palace, Rachel was clueless about the number of times she checked the time on the wall-mounted clock.

'It has been a long time since he left. Why he had not

een humiliated by Hiram so now she wanted to prove that she was attractive to a man.

"Flora? What's up?" Marcus sensed that Flora was eccentric. He pushed her away and tried to make her understand what she was doing.

However, it seemed that Flora had gone crazy. She gazed at him, her eyes flooded with tears. "Marcus, even you don't have feelings for me, right?

Do I really have nothing that can allure a man? You tell me. Tell me!"

Flora yelled. It seemed that she was impatient to prove herself.

Marcus furrowed his eyebrows, looked at her and said, "Relax, Flora. It's not right. You have still not found the right person! Believe me, if you meet the right person, he will adore you and comfort you!"

"Will you be my right person? Marcus? We will marry each other. Shall we?" Flora said that instantly, without a second thought.

To her, marrying Marcus was better than marrying one of those old men whom she was not familiar with.

Because she was not young, the men, whom her father chose for her, were almost aged men who were affluent and divorced or lost their wives.

Many of the young men were not suitable for her because they were not successful in their career or they were married already

Among the rest of the men, none of them rivaled Hiram or Marcus!

"Flora, calm down!" Marcus shrugged his shoulders and shouted, "You have loved only Hiram, only one man and not opened up your heart to any other men. How can you conclude that love will not hit you again?"

However, Flora did not listen to his words. She just stared at him and asked, "Marcus, how about you? If I fall for you, will you accept me?"

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