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   Chapter 494 Are You That Cruel

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"Kiss me now... for the first and last time ever, can you?" Flora stared at Hiram with eyes, filled with eagerness and desire.

As time slowly passed by, the candle on the desk had nearly burnt out, but Hiram showed no intention to break the silence of embarrassment between him and Flora.

Not receiving any reply, she gazed at him blankly, in agony. It seemed to her that she could clearly hear the sound of her devastated heart falling apart to pieces.

"Even if I beg for your kiss, will you still not be willing to do so?"

Flora asked desperately.

After uttering these words in pure distress, she even went as far to despise herself, claiming she's little and insignificant.

This whole pity-party that she threw made Hiram instinctively frown his face. At first, he didn't give any reply and later he broke the silence, "Flora, you're a good woman. Don't demean yourself like this. We are friends. Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again."

Faking a smile, Flora said, "For you, I abandoned my self-esteem, my identity and even my decent life. I have even hidden in a humble restaurant for many years, with the only wish to see you again!"

Such a long time Flora had kept these words to herself, "bottled up" in her chest and deep in her heart, but, at this moment, she couldn't hold them back any longer.

Slowly closing his eyes, Hiram took a deep breath and felt totally helpless and inadequate in this weird situation, as he was not knowing what exactly he should say to comfort this woman, who wrongly fell in love with a married man.

Just as he was hectically thinking with eyes closed, Hiram suddenly felt a sweet kiss on his lips and had his eyes wide open.

Of course, the kiss was from Flora. At first, she did that because she craved to realize her dream of kissing him - she had imagined this a thousand time and the thought of achieving it was intoxicating and enchanting her. However, when her lips at last touched Hiram's, Flora found out that, from the bottom of her heart, she wanted more intimacy and deeper connection.

"Hiram, I want you!" With her arms around his neck and in her most attractive voice, Flora whispered to him, "I have kept my virginity for you through all these years. Love me tender and don't ever disappoint me, okay?"

Just at this moment, the candle burnt out and left the whole room in the dark.

Unable to see anything in the darkness, Flora just stood there with a racing heartbeat and anxiously waiting for his answer. She touched his face and asked, "Hiram, I want you so badly."

She didn't believe a man in such a case would stay still and cool-blooded, as before this temptation

can't resist, anyway, just enjoy it, or enjoy me."

Obviously, the drug effect had gradually dimmed his sanity. Though, he normally would not react to any other woman except Rachel, yet this case would be totally different as he had just been drugged.

After all, Hiram was a normal man and not a man of steel. There was no way that he would not react to an attractive woman under such a potent drug effect.

"Flora, I'm giving you just one last chance. Don't push me!" Hiram shouted with gritted teeth, finally losing his patience with her.

Totally bypassing his reaction, Flora gently unfastened his belt and sat on his lap, before saying calmly, "Hiram, don't be mad. Let me be your woman. I promise that I will not cause any trouble in your life and just be your secret mistress,"

Flora said, as she rested her rosy cheek on Hiram's shoulder. She drank as well, but because she had taken some medicine in advance, the drug didn't have such a strong effect on her, as it had on Hiram.

Opening his eyes determinedly and gathering up all his strength, he pushed the unprepared Flora down to the ground.

Then, he quickly fastened his belt and buttoned up his shirt.

Indeed, he didn't have much physical strength left, but his willpower was very strong.

Jumping back to her feet like a wild cat, Flora grabbed the knife on the table, held it to her throat and said, "Hiram, Are you really that cruel?

Fine, if you don`t care for me and my feelings, then would you care about my life? I heard that your sister's death is all because of you! What if I become the second one to die for you? I really doubt that you can live happily with Rachel after my death."

Flora said, gasping for breath, as she raised her chin, holding the knife against her throat.

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