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   Chapter 493 Kiss Me Once

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Flora was lost in thought as she saw the car drive away.

She had spent so many years pursuing the man she loved, she was not about to give up now.

One way or another she was going to give it one final shot. She would rather die rather than just leave like that.

Making up her mind, she walked forward.

"Hey, Marcus, where are you now?" asked Flora, on the phone.


At a cake shop near Tulip Palace

Rachel had placed an order for Flora's birthday cake and had gone to pick it up herself. Even though Rachel was in no mood to attend the birthday dinner, she was definitely not going to show up empty-handed.

A black Maybach rolled to a stop in front of the cake shop.

It was Hiram. He was picking Rachel up.

Since Chad was driving, Rachel put the cake on the front seat and then sat in the back with Hiram.

"Babe, I thought about it again. I don't think I should go," said Rachel with a sigh.

Putting his arm around her shoulder, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"I don't want to go," said Rachel frankly, lowering her head.

"I don't want to see the look on her face when she is talking to you. I don't want to hear her talking to you about the topics that only you both share. I know I don't have a profound academic background like hers and I can't cook as well as she does..." babbled Rachel, and continued, "I just... I don't want to see her."

She had made up her mind to attend Flora's birthday dinner, but it was only at the cake shop that she felt her mind change.

"Okay, we don't have to go," said Hiram casually. If Rachel wouldn't go, he wouldn't go either.

Turning to Hiram, Rachel said, "No, you should go. She was injured because of you. And today is her birthday. You must go."

Being silent for a few seconds, he said eventually, "Okay, I'll go, but I'm going to set things straight with her."

"Rachel, you know that, for me, there is no one but you, right? Wait for me at home. I'll be quick," he said.

Nodding, Rachel leaned against his chest.

In the hotel

Flora was already there when Hiram arrived.

"Hiram, here you are!" greeted Flora. She stood up to greet Hiram, but she paused when she saw that he was followed by Chad.

"Where's Rachel? Didn't she come with you?" asked Flora, curiously looking behind him.

"Something urgent came up so she couldn't come," explained Hiram.

Then he took off his coat and handed it to Chad, who took the coat and pulled out a chair for him. Then Hiram sat down.


r mind.

"Hiram, I am in pain, so much pain. Every night I think of you, I can't fall asleep. Why I can't stop loving you? If you will never fall in love with me, then why had fate brought us together?

I want to stop loving you, but I just can't. It's like a poison that is slowly and painfully killing me."

"Hiram, tell me. What should I do?" sobbed Flora.

She buried her head in his chest in search of comfort. "I envy Rachel. She gets all your attention and all your love. I have tried so hard to even make you look at me."

"Why can't I get your love? Is my love so worthless? I love you so much, but why do I not deserve to be by your side?"

said Flora, as she looked straight into his eyes, with tears clouding hers.

Flora looked like a delicate doll, in the candlelight, looking for comfort. Other men would have jumped to hold her in their arms, but Hiram made no such move.

Frowning, he closed his eyes slowly.

"I will never betray my wife, Flora, I made a promise. I am sorry." replied Hiram honestly.

Flora nodded as her world crashed around her. She knew that she had failed. Hiram had made no move to console her even as she crumbled before his eyes. She had sacrificed her wealth and her life to be near him.

But nothing affected Hiram. Even on her birthday as she professed her undying love for him, all he gave her was- nothing.

"Okay, I surrender. I will give you up!"

But, can you please do one last thing for me? One final time can you please kiss me, just once."

begged Flora, through her tears. She held her breath and waited for his response. Hiram sat very still, his face did not betray any emotion.

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