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   Chapter 492 The Wealthy Girl Of A Decadent Family

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After Lydia passed away, Flora seemed to have become more well-behaved. She didn't bother Hiram or Rachel anymore.

Rachel was completely confounded by Flora's erratic mood swings. Sometimes she would be extremely rude to Rachel and, at other times, act perfectly nice as if nothing had happened.

"Rachel, tomorrow is my birthday. I… I don't have many friends in H City, I wanted to invite you and Hiram to my birthday party," said Flora to Rachel.

"Why don't you just ask Hiram yourself?" Rachel asked.

Flora smiled bitterly and said, "Hiram cares deeply about what you think. If you don't agree to come, he won't come either."

It is said that even the strongest object has a weak point, however, that law didn't apply to Rachel and Hiram's relationship. No matter how hard Flora tried to sabotage their relationship, she never managed to succeed.

"You can invite Marcus. Aren't you two very good friends?" said Rachel. She thought Marcus valued his friendship with Flora very much.

Holding a cup of coffee, Flora replied, "Ever since I injured my legs a few weeks ago, I've just been confined to my home. I was thinking of inviting as many people as possible for my birthday. I figure I could take my mind off my ill fortune and have some fun!

Rachel, could you please convince Hiram? As long as you say yes, Hiram would come with you."

Rachel fell silent for the lack of better words. Flora was gently reminding Rachel that she had broken her leg because of Hiram.

And now that it was Flora's birthday party, it would be rude and inconsiderate of them to refuse her invitation.

"Okay, I will tell him, but I can't make any promises if he has any prior commitments tomorrow," Rachel said resignedly.

"Thank you so much, Rachel. I'm sure Hiram will come to my party as long as you mention it to him!" Flora said excitedly.

Rachel smiled coldly in response, and said, "It's too soon to be celebrating our attendance at your party, Flora. Hiram's schedule may not allow him the time! How about this? If we can make it to your party, I will give you a call.

If there is nothing else to discuss, I should get going now," said Rachel and stood up to leave.

"Rachel… I want to apologize for all the hurtful things I said in the hospital. At the time, I was hurt and in a very bad mood and chose to spitefully hurt you as well. I cannot make any excuses for my behavior, but I can offer my sincere apologies. I am truly sorry!"

said Flora, limping up to where Rachel stood.

Flora's words had stopped Rachel in her tracks. She stood still for a while before turning back to face Flora, and sai

tabilize his blood pressure. Every time he spoke to Flora his heart would fill with rage. He bellowed, "Just for a man? You cut off all contact with us FOR A MAN? I brought you up and I invested so much in you. And look at what you have done! Is it worth it?"

Flora lowered her head in shame. She had never mentioned her family to anyone, let alone a father. She hoped that one day she could build and own a business without any support from her Dad.

"Tell me, what have you achieved so far? How's your life going now? I told you I could help you, but you never let me. Did you win that man's heart? If you did, and are now the wife of the President of the Streams Company, then I would happily take back my words.

But you have achieved nothing. And yet, you keep pursuing a married man. You're embarrassing me. You have brought shame to our family!"

Mathew slapped his knees and continued, "And you'd better not even think about being his mistress. I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT!"

There was dead silence following her father's outburst. He visibly gasped for breath before calming down, then in a slow voice he said, "Today is your birthday. I just came here to see my daughter. I give you one more month here. At the end of the month, you are coming home with me. I will not indulge your stubbornness any longer. Period!"

Flora lifted up her head and pleaded, "Daddy, please don't do that. One year. Just give me one more year, please?"

Matthew was not listening anymore, and jeered at her, "Do you think you're still a child? How old are you now? I'll tell you what! I will find a man for you! Someone from a decent family too. One month later, just come home and I'll get you married!"

He took a deep breath, and slowly closed his eyes.

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