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   Chapter 491 Lydia's Funeral

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Rachel called after her husband, embracing him from the back as tightly as she could.

As a response, Hiram held Rachel's hand on his waist with his one hand, which seemed to be colder than Rachel had anticipated. He then slowly turned around to hug her in his arms.

"Do you think that dad and mom are alright?" Hiram asked in a low, but deep voice.

"Dad is very strong, Hiram. He is much stronger than both of us could ever imagine. Mom cried at the beginning, which is to be expected. However, there's no need to worry," Rachel nodded and replied with a smile. She felt like she had to assure him. Snow kept falling on her face, but it seemed as though she couldn't feel how cold it actually was.

"Well, I feel very relieved to hear that," Hiram said, ruffling Rachel's hair. Then he wrapped his overcoat around Rachel to protect her from the biting wind, which seemed to get colder by the minute. "Rachel, let's move back to the Rong Mansion and live there for a few days. It would be better for my parents to get through this exceedingly difficult time, if we stayed with them. It will also help to have the children around."

"Of course. That's fine," Rachel replied, holding Hiram's waist tighter as if she wanted to convey her strength to him in some way.

Joanna and Gavin went back to their home after visiting the hospital late that night. They were accompanied by Hiram and Rachel.

A sleepless night passed with the air still filled with sadness.

Finally, it was time for Lydia's funeral.

It was snowing that day. Relatives and friends were all dressed in black and attended the farewell ceremony. Accompanied by the melodious funeral music, they witnessed the last journey of Lydia's body in this world.

Hiram played the piano when Lydia's body was being buried underground. He wanted to say farewell to his sister.

Rachel noticed that Wade had also attended the ceremony, which was a surprise to her. He took a white rose, placed it in front of Lydia's tomb and then bowed to pay his respect to her death.

After the funeral, there was a rather sad atmosphere hovering over the Rong family, which slowly started to fade away.

In the company of her adorable grandchildren, Joanna gradually came out of her state of grief. Her smile finally returned to her face, which put the rest of the family at ease.

During the following days after Lydia's death, Rachel went to her company only to check whether everything was going according to plan. When she was not at work, she spent most of her time staying with her parents-in-law and children, in an attempt to improve the atmosphere at home.

Hiram who had put off all of his social engagements and responsibilities, went home directly after work so that he could have dinner with his family and play with his children.

The family seemed to experience a quiet but warm life during this difficult period, and barel

ny was way too young to be troubled by the confusing love affairs of adults.

Rachel found herself struggling to respond to her little boy. Carl then suddenly answered him. "Jonny, you're very smart. Your daddy is so charming. In fact, he is too charming, which means that lots of ladies want to marry him, yet his heart belongs to your mother. When you grow up, you will be as charming as your daddy too, and then you will also have lots of girls running after you, willing to be your wife."

"No, I don't like girls. All they are, is trouble," Jonny said impatiently, turning his head away from Carl's suggestion.

Actually, Jonny didn't like playing with girls at all. In his opinion, girls were awful, clingy and loved crying. He couldn't stand them. Jonny was a minimalist.

Joyce and Nadia were just acceptable to him, because they were his direct family members.

Hearing what Jonny had said, Carl couldn't help but laugh hysterically. "You're the true son of Hiram Rong. I remember aunt Joanna mentioned that Hiram didn't like to play with girls either when he was about your age. It must run in the family then."

Rachel laughed out loud. Like father, like son. Rachel nodded, as she knew that it was absolutely true.

At last, they arrived at home.

After making some arrangements, Rachel left home and decided to walk to the coffee shop near Tulip Palace to meet with Flora. Carl followed her and took the seat next to Rachel's to make sure she remained safe.

Flora had been waiting patiently for Rachel for quite some time. She waited so long, in fact, that she almost thought Rachel wouldn't come at all. She heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Rachel, there you are. I thought that you decided not to come at all..."

"Make it short, Flora. My children are waiting for me at home." Rachel took the seat opposite to Flora, wondering what Flora was intending to tell her this time around. She knew Flora all too well.

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