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   Chapter 490 Lydia's Repentance

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No matter what had happened, Lydia was still Hiram's younger sister.

Rachel instantly forgot the years of disputes and felt all the grudges disappear the moment she saw that Lydia had jumped.

She rushed to the hospital to find Gavin and Joanna waiting, outside the ward, in utter distress. Hiram stood, quietly, beside them anxiously waiting for the doctors to come outside.

"How is Lydia, Hiram? Has there been any improvement?" asked Rachel, in a hushed tone as she approached Hiram. He turned towards her and pulled her into his arms.

Hiram shook his head wearily, and replied, "The doctors noticed movement in her fingers earlier but couldn't decide whether that was a good sign or not. They're holding a group consultation inside right now."

"Oh, I had hoped she would awaken by the time I reached," Rachel said and sighed. Rachel crossed her fingers and prayed for Lydia.

A few steps away, Hiram's parents paced back and forth in disarray. They were so nervous that they couldn't sit still for even a second.

After what felt like ages, the doctor emerged with a grim expression on his face.

"Sorry to inform you, but things don't look good. She has been in a coma for so long that her body has become very weak and unresponsive. I suspect she has two days at most..." said the doctor gravely. Bowing lightly to Gavin and Joanna, he continued, "We are sorry, but there is nothing we can do

Please prepare yourselves for the worst. The end will come sooner or later. I pray, you find the strength to see this through."

Joanna collapsed onto the couch, shaking her head in disbelief, and cried, "Why does it have to be this soon? Everybody has an end, but why doesn't God give us more time? As long as she can breathe, there will be hope that she can wake up one day! But now…"

Since the doctor had confirmed that these were Lydia's last hours, Joanna would never be able to see her daughter dance and twirl around again.

Gavin's face was tear-streaked as he went over to hold Joanna. "Darling, please, try and hold it together. Maybe this would mean that Lydia is finally free of the shackles of laying in that bed. Perhaps this is what Lydia is hoping for."

Hiram walked over to them and sat down on his haunches. He rubbed his mother's back softly pleading, "Mom, please don't cry. You still have me and your grandchildren!"

Lydia alone was responsible for the bed she now lay on. Their parents had treated her like their own daughter and had spoilt her endlessly with love, attention and money"

But she had never cherished their love and had misused all that she had been blessed with.

It was because of their blind love that Hiram had repeatedly forgiven all of Lydia's misdeeds against Rachel. He continued to give her multiple chances in the hope that one day she would realize her mistakes and start a new life.

However, none of their love made a mark on h

ctations. If there is a next life, I'll… repay you then...

It's all my fault. I was... too obsessive..."

She paused, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Tears kept trickling down from her eyes.

"Sorry... I'm so sorry..." were her last words.

Gavin and Joanna had raised her like their own child and had devoted their lives to her upbringing. She, on the other hand, chose to spend all her time trying to get Hiram away from Rachel, rather than spend any time with them. It seemed like Lydia had finally realized the error of her ways.

Now, she desperately wanted to turn her life around, but there was no time.

She had lost her chance to repay their kindness in this life, and all she could do was hope to do so in her next life.

The Almighty Lord was fair and judicious. Since she had committed so many wrongs He would punish her justly.

By the time the doctors arrived, the electrocardiogram, beside her bed, showed a straight line. Her heart had stopped beating.

As the doctors tried to revive her, Lydia's slowly lolled towards Hiram. She wanted to take one last look at him. Then, she smiled and closed her eyes forever.

This time they were never to open again.

Hiram tore his eyes away from Lydia's lifeless eyes. He knew she was gone, and he walked out of the ward while the doctors still struggled to bring her back.

It was pitch dark outside.

None of them had noticed that it had begun snowing. Millions of little snow crystals fell heavily from the sky.

Hiram stood in the snow, shadowed in the night, lonely and helpless. Unlike others who expressed their emotions freely, Hiram stood silent, as silent as the dead night.

He hoped that the frigid cold winds would numb the pain he felt deep within.

Hiram had no idea how long he had remained outside before he heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

It was Rachel. She ran to him and wrapped her arms around him from behind.

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