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   Chapter 487 Hardy, My Sweetie

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On the other side, Hardy brought Celine to his home. Hardy carried Celine and dropped her onto the bed gently. Then he wiped off the sweat from his forehead. Climbing the stairs and carrying Celine at the same time was surprisingly exhausting.

He got a glass of water and chugged the whole thing in one gulp.

Celine was closer to sober than drunk.

Looking around, Celine was strange to the bedroom she was in. She had been to Hardy's house twice, but she had never stepped in his bedroom. But the bedroom was as clean and tidy as she had imagined.

"Are you doing okay? Do you want me to get you some hangover pills?" said Hardy. He walked towards Celine and touched her forehead. It was a little cool.

Celine was still sober but she just couldn't control what she did. "I want to drink some water…"

"Okay, sure!" Hardy immediately went to get a glass of water for Celine.

Celine didn't even have the energy to sit up. Hardy put down the glass and helped Celine sit up and drink her water.

Celine was staring at Hardy. Although Hardy wasn't drop dead sexy, he was still an attractive man. The kind that the longer you looked at him, the more handsome you would find him. After all, men from the Rong family weren't ugly.

Celine was drinking water gazing at Hardy. He was more than enough for her.

She didn't even realize that she started dribbling her water down her shirt.

It was Hardy who noticed it.

"Your shirt is getting wet. Let me get you a towel," said Hardy. He set down his glass and walked towards the bathroom.

A few seconds later, he came back with a towel in his hands. He wanted to help Celine dry her clothes, but he thought it might be inappropriate so he refrained. He said to Celine, "Here you go."

Celine looked down at her chest and said, "I can't lift my hand right now. It's too weak. Can you help me?"

After hesitating for a second, Hardy coughed and looked around as he helped Celine dab the wet spots on her shirt. Suddenly, Celine grabbed his hand and made him touch her breast.

He pulled back his hand immediately and turned bright red. Celine, who was very drunk, was smiling at him.

"Hardy, my sweetie. We're all adults. Besides, you're a doctor. I bet you have seen and touched a lot of women. Why are you so nervous?" Celine chuckled and rested her chin on her hands, looking at Hardy.


k by this comment. Hardy said after a brief pause, "I guess."

Celine began to take off his clothes.

When Hardy realized what Celine was doing, his T-shirt was already off. He stopped Celine.

"Celine, what are you doing?"

Celine glared at him and said flirtatiously, "Don't you know that trial marriage includes sleeping with each other? If we don't try it out now, how can we commit to each other?"

"I feel like this isn't right. I don't want you to regret it later." Hardy still thought it was inappropriate. He fastened his belt.

She asked Hardy, "Sweetie, do you have any problems in the bedroom? Something that you are insecure about?" You can tell me. I won't laugh at you. We can fix this together, whatever it is."


Hardy didn't know what to say.

"I knew it! That's okay, Hardy. I love you. I'm not going to judge you." Celine showed her loyalty and affection to Hardy.

Hardy sighed and looked at Celine. He remained silent. He grabbed Celine's hands and put them on his crotch.

He was just trying to protect her. If they had sex tonight, Celine may regret it later.

His main concern was that Celine wouldn't want to marry him anymore.

"Oh my gosh!" Celine exclaimed. She hugged Hardy excitingly and wrapped her hands around his neck. "Sweetie, you're so amazing. Why don't you let me know that?" Obviously, Celine didn't understand Hardy's concern. She was just too excited to think about it.

Celine was excited for their marriage and looking forward to their sex life in the future.

The night's festivities had just begun.

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