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   Chapter 486 Charter I Won't Let You Escape

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Once back to H City, Rachel immediately filled most of her hours with work.

There was much to do. She had earned the approval of most of her customers, and the construction projects for the buildings would soon start.

That day, Celine asked Rachel out for a drink, and Rachel lent her ears to complains about Celine's relationship troubles.

"Rachel, I'm so gonna go crazy!" They were seated in a quiet corner of the bar, and Celine was constantly fidgeting with the napkins, evidently frustrated, with her eyebrows knitting tight and a frown plastered on her face. She kept tearing the paper napkins apart as if to let out her dissatisfaction.

Rachel calmly heard her friend out and sipped her cocktail. She offered Celine a sympathetic smile. "Why? Failed to make it?"

Celine's irritation was growing by the minute. "You know what? I don't know what the problem is. I was in my sexy pajama and invited him home. When he arrived, he didn't seem excited at all..." Celine cast her eyes down. "It's like he's not even interested," she said, sighing and letting go of another napkin, which of course by now had already turned to shreds. Her fingers found her glass and were tracing the circular opening on top.

Then, she let out another outburst. "What is wrong with him?! Do you think he's not really a man?" she turned to Rachel and asked.

"Don't worry. I think you should have a serious talk with him. Maybe he's conservative, and wants to get married first before being intimate," she said, trying to ease Celine's worries.

Celine's shoulders dropped and she fixed her eyes on her glass.

"Rachel, I'm not confident about anything in this relationship. I'm worried that he minds my age. After all, I'm almost 30..." Celine said. "I'm afraid of losing him. Maybe he deserves someone better. Maybe he wants someone better."

Rachel watched as Celine's emotions shifted back and forth between frustration and dejection. She tried to comfort her. "Not at all. You're overthinking this. I think Hardy is a good man and he matches you well," Rachel said while patting Celine's shoulder.

Celine was quiet, and Rachel's words seemed not to have any effect on her uncertainty. "Is that so?" she said absentmindedly. After a brief pause, she downed her cocktail and erupted into yet another bout of exasperation. "Then why?! Why am I constantly feeling this way? Why doesn't he show more interest? I don't want to lose him, but I don't understand why he acts this way. It just gets more and more difficult. Everytime I try to do something to take a step forward, it's as if he's not even interested."

Tears were gathering in the corner of her eyes as she continued, "I'm scared. What if this relationship ends up in failure? Is he playing with me? I don't have any more time to joke around. I'm already 30 and I know what I want, and I want it with him," Celine said, her voice shaking. "I just wish he would also tell me clearly what he wants, because this endless groping around in the dark is so damn difficult," she finished, wiping off a stray tear on her cheek.

Before Hardy came, marriage didn't even cross her mind. She enjoyed being single, and there were a lot of fulfilling thin

el laughed and said, "Well, I can't say that I didn't entirely, but Celine was getting so worked up about their relationship. They needed a little 'push'." She sat on the bed and felt something had been pulled down by her hand.

She turned around to check and a blush bloomed on her cheeks when she looked over to Hiram.

His towel was yanked away from him. Hiram was indifferent to his own nakedness and lay close to his wife. "Mrs. Rong, you are my wife and mother of my children. Why so shy?" he whispered in her ears.

Rachel tried to cool her burning cheeks with her hand as she tried to come up with an excuse. "No, I'm not blushing at all. I... I was just surprised... or something like that..."

She found unable to make sense of her own words. She started reading a travel brochure with uncharacteristic concentration.

Hiram suggested that they all go on a family trip, and since then she had always been trying to decide what the best place would be.

Hiram leaned closer to her and peered at what she was reading. He touched his face to hers and said, "Haven't decided where to go yet?"


Rachel could feel the hard press of her husband's body. She let out a cough and tried to rein in the heat she felt in her body. "Maybe Thailand. Dubai is also nice. Or, perhaps Santorini Island..."

"We can go to all of them if you want. I'll take you to all the places you want to go," Hiram said very close to her ears gently. She could feel his warm breath on her skin. Her muscles tensed at the contact, and she struggled to put the letters together as her heart increased its pace.

'We've been together for so long, and she is still that sensitive to my body.' Hiram thought to himself, chuckling inwardly at his wife's reactions.

Rachel bit her lips and closed the guide. She slowly inched away to the side, saying, "Honey, I just remembered that I have something urgent to do..."

She felt Hiram's arms around her and found herself back on the bed, her body pinned down as Hiram trapped her from above with his arms. He leaned down to her and said teasingly to her ears, "No. I won't let you escape."

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