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   Chapter 484 God Bless You

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Smilingly looking at Celia, who just came in, Rachel realized she was not very beautiful, but just had that spark of gentleness and generosity. Daniel introduced Celia, gave a toast and finally came towards Rachel.

"Celia, this is Rachel - Hiram's wife and is also my dear friend." Daniel said, as he led Celia in the front of Rachel.

At first, when she heard that, Celia was dumbfounded, but she quickly woke up from her "frozen" state and reached out her hand to greet Rachel, "Hello, I'm Celia. I've heard a lot about you."

"I admire you greatly, because Daniel has often told me about the things that had happened between you and Hiram."

The praise from Celia caught Rachel by a surprise. What she didn't know was that Daniel had mentioned her in front of Celia. So she chose to answer with a sense of humor, "It is nothing to be proud of, since I was forced to do so.

Everyone has to be strong if he meets that kind of thing."

After dinner.

Several men gathered downstairs. On the staircase, Rachel was walking up, taking her children to their room, as they were tired of a whole afternoon's drive.

Coming out of the room, Rachel found out Celia was standing behind the handrail.

"Hello..." Rachel went to greet her, when she saw her.

Celia turned back and asked, "Rachel, have all the kids fallen asleep already?"

"Yes, they were all in the car the whole afternoon and after we arrived, they played for a long time. They must have been really tired." Rachel said and went behind her.

"Do you mind if I call you by your name?" Celia asked modestly with a smile.

"Of course not. We are nearly the same age and you can call me Rachel. Daniel also called me in this way." Rachel replied with a gentle and noble smile.

Celia nodded and held her arm, "Rachel, let's go to my wedding room."

The two of them went there.

Daniel was a designer and this house must have been entirely designed by him. The style really adapted to his character, very unique, but at the same time harmonious and comfortable.

"Rachel, even though it's the first time that we meet each other, I have already heard your name thousands of times." Celia said slowly, as she went to the window and pulled up the curtain, watch

took out a small box, walked towards Daniel and put it in front of him.

"I prepared a necklace for Celia. I really didn't know what I should give you, so I picked up this one. Please, don't tell me you don't like it!"

Daniel took the box and opened it. It contained a pair of earrings and the shape was corn, which brought him back to that rainy night in the cornfield.

"How could I dislike it? I love it!" After that, he carefully closed it and put it into his pocket.

Then he mustered the courage to slowly look up at Rachel. It was an honest and lovable look without any disguise.

"Rachel, you become more and more beautiful and elegant."

After a long time, Daniel moved forward and put his trembling hands on her shoulders, "Rachel, can I hug you again?"

Smiling frankly upon hearing his sad words, she moved forward initially and hugged him on tiptoe.

"Daniel, God bless you..."

He frowned, as he hugged her tightly. Then he spoke up with a depressed voice, "Rachel, I can not accompany you in this life. I hope I could meet you earlier in the next one."

"I know, it is not appropriate to say so, but my feelings for you have been torturing me for so long!"

"From tomorrow on, I will restart my life and try my best to forget about you and everything that has happened between you and me..."

After these ardent words, Rachel was suffocated in tears.

"Rachel, I love you."

Daniel finally spoke out what had been depressing him for such a long time.

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