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   Chapter 483 Daniel's Wedding

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"I..." Rachel stuttered.

It came off her mind why she was there. Until Hiram's sudden question, Rachel finally remembered that she had come to borrow some designer's drawings.

"My company has taken two orders from the customers. But all my designers are newcomers in this field. They need to learn more from some examples. So... I think you may have some designer's drawings in your company that I might be allowed to borrow. Could I borrow any of them?"

Rachel said as she studied the expression on Hiram's face. She didn't know whether those designer's drawings should be considered as a trade secret of the company or not.

With a smile, Hiram said, "Just that? That's no big deal. I'll ask Ben to show you around the reference room of the company. There is a large collection of typical designer's drawings there. You can borrow as many as you like. Just ask him to take note of those you've borrowed. Okay?"

"Oh, that will be a big help for me. I appreciate this a lot. Thank you, honey..." Rachel said. Then, she tiptoed to kiss his cheek.

In a split second, Hiram held on to her waist and squeezed her gently. "Honey, why do you have to say so with much courtesy towards me. We've been married for very long. Do you still regard yourself as an outsider?" he said in a loving tone.

Rachel was stunned since she wasn't used to Hiram being sweet. In response, she stuck her tongue out at him and told him that she was just trying to express gratitude. She secretly giggled as he walked away.

A few minutes later, Ben came and led Rachel to the reference room.

Upon entering, she was surprised to see fine art that filled the room. She glanced over the large pile of drawings and picked some copies that were suitable for her RaR company.

A few days had passed. They had finished all the measurements that were needed in the field. However, Rachel still kept herself busy working on the designer's drawings with the other designers in the company, until she remembered Daniel's wedding.

She got distracted trying to recall their itinerary for the weekend. The wedding ceremony would be held on Sunday. Hiram, Luke, herself and the kids were invited to attend it. So she thought, they would have to leave early on Saturday so that they could arrive there by evening. This would allow them to have time to settle in and bond with Daniel and his soon-to-be wife.

It was just right considering that Daniel had arranged a feast especially for Rachel, Hiram, and his friends on Saturday evening upon their arrival.

After the wedding ceremony, Daniel and his wife would fly to Maldives to have their honeymoon.

She finally went back to what she was doing. But as Rachel was busy with her work in the company, she also kept pondering over her gift to Daniel for the past few days already. She had not made up her mind at all about what she should give to Daniel. For her, a money gift was not sincere enough. Yet it was also difficult for her to pick up a suitable present because she wasn't sure what Daniel or his bride-to-be would like.

After thinking about it for a while, it crossed her mind what Hiram had thought of giving Daniel.

She got really curious about Hiram's gifts. She wondered what he had prepared for the couple.

Rachel got stuck in just thinking. Saturday had already come. They were about to set off in the afternoon. She had only one last chance in the morning to prepare for her gift to Daniel, yet, she still had zero ideas abo

iram was the type who was really private, so he did not invite any other people to stay in his villa tonight.

"Thank you for travelling far just to come for my wedding. I'm so moved. We genuinely appreciate the gesture. Hiram, come! Let me propose a toast to you first!" Daniel said at the dinner table. Then, he raised his glass of wine to Hiram. He seemed to be eager to drink a lot of wine that night until he got drunk.

Before they said their cheer, Luke complained out loud upon seeing Daniel offer a toast to Hiram first. "Hey, guys, that's not fair! I'm one year older than Hiram. Shouldn't you offer a toast to me first?"

Daniel laughed and said, "Take it easy. We've just begun our meal. Hiram was my boss in the past, so of course, I should offer a toast to him first."

"Tsk, tsk... you snobbish guy. You do it simply because Hiram's more honorable and handsome than me. Am I right?" Luke tutted and teased.

Entertained by the silliness of Luke, Hiram threw a glance at him and said with a playful smile, "Yes, you're right! So I have to make Daniel drink a toast to me first."

Next to the clamor that's been happening, Rachel was quietly choosing food for the two kids and urging them to eat more. She told the kids to finish their meals before going out to play.

But when she heard the three men's banter, she put down her chopsticks and excitedly stood up from her chair.

"Wait! Hold on! Ladies first! Daniel, come, you should clink glasses with me first!" Rachel said with a smile and then raised her glass of red wine.

Surprised at what Rachel had said, Daniel glanced at her. Soon, he put on a big smile on his beautiful and androgynous face, and said, "Okay, you're right! Let me offer you a toast first before these gentlemen."

After gulping down the red wine in her glass, Rachel said, "I'll wait and deliver my congratulations to you later when your wife is here too."

"Haha, okay!" Daniel responded outright and gulped down his wine too. Then he also clinked glasses with Hiram and Luke.

After everyone had drunk their glass of wine. Daniel stood up once again.

Daniel asked his bride to come to the dinner table and formally introduced his lovely fiancee to everyone. "Everyone, allow me to introduce this wonderful woman here beside me. This is my wife, Celia Wen."

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