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   Chapter 482 Sharing The Same Pair Of Chopsticks

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"Honey, I'm afraid..." said Rachel hesitantly. Then she bit her lip, suddenly feeling scared.

She feared that Marcus would mention what had happened that night to displease Hiram and to furthermore affect her relationship with him.

At that moment, she didn't know Hiram had already figured out what happened between her and Marcus that night. Hiram didn't tell her about it, as it was hard to explain such a humiliating thing to anyone clearly.

It was enough for Hiram to know that Rachel didn't cheat on him, so it was not necessary to tell anyone else. He also couldn't care less about what others thought about it.

"This matter is in the past. Don't talk about it from now on," said Hiram. Then he closed his laptop after sending his last e-mail.

Rachel stayed silent for a while, vowing in her mind that no matter what kind of situation she was in, she would never let such a thing happen again in the future.

The moment she raised her head, she saw Hiram walking up to the bed after taking his clothes off.

She blushed at the sight of him and immediately moved a bit towards the one side.

Each time she saw Hiram's attractive figure, Rachel went red in the face, as her heart couldn't stop racing. However, now Rachel had imagined Hiram might still feel tired after making love with her last night. So, she figured that he might want to get a good rest tonight instead of doing anything else.

With this in mind, she laid on the bed quietly, about to have a good sleep. She thought about the fact that she wasn't able to sleep for too long, as she had to get up early the next morning. Lately, her company had received two design project orders from customers. Although they weren't large projects, she had planned to go in the next day to check it out and provide guidance where necessary.

After Hiram laid down and touched her, Rachel was suddenly startled. Then she turned over and cast a glance at him, with a surprised expression on her face.

"Do you still want to do that thing with me tonight?" she asked hesitantly.

Raising his eyebrows, Hiram stared at her and held her in his arms, saying, "Do you think I'm tired because of what we did last night? Do you underestimate me?"

She immediately shook her head, thinking that she never underestimated him, to begin with.


At the RaR Company

Inside the conference room, Rachel listened to the two designers' discussion about the details of the two projects at hand. Since the company was still in its start-up stage, they had only received some small orders, which should make it easy for them to keep everything under control.

Thus, this time, the two projects were the complete villa design projects for interior and exterior design.

"Rachel, we are lacking design templates for these kinds of references. Besides, only a few relevant design cases can be found on the Internet. We need some more professional and detailed reference materials of design. Could you go to Mr. Rong's company to fetch some for us, please?"

said Celine, after pondering over it for a little while. After all, they just started out, and their design thinking was limited. So, if there were more design c

"Okay," said Hiram. He didn't utter anything else after her response.

While watching Rachel eat the food with Hiram's chopsticks with great enjoyment, Flora kept glancing at the chopsticks in her hand.

Now that Rachel and Hiram were married, it was normal for them to share the same pair of chopsticks, and even cutlery.

After a while, Ben brought them another pair of chopsticks.

Rachel was also sitting at the table now, so Flora didn't want to stay for much longer and decided to leave.

Since she was injured, it was not easy for her to cook a meal, yet she thought that it was worth it as long as she could be alone with Hiram and have lunch with him. However, she never expected Rachel to interrupt her plans.

After Flora left, Hiram began to explain before Rachel could ask him what was going on. "Flora came here early and waited for me outside for a long time. It was not appropriate to send her away. That's why I asked her to come in. After she sat down for a few minutes, you arrived."

"Do you think that it is necessary to explain this to me?" Rachel said, blinking her eyes. While eating the food that Flora made. She actually thought that the food was delicious and admitted to herself that Flora was a really good cook.

Although Rachel could cook, Flora's cooking was much better than hers.

"Well, of course, it is necessary. I don't want anything to stand in the way of our relationship, nor ruin it. I've had enough. I only want to lead a peaceful life with you for the rest of my life," Hiram said, looking at Rachel and putting his hand on her shoulder.

Giving Hiram a smile, Rachel put her arms around his waist. "Hiram, I've already chosen to believe you. Flora got hurt because of you. So, you are supposed to be grateful to her and treat her well. I understand.

We all know what is in her mind though. I just hope she can realize that her impractical thoughts are utterly crazy, and stop doing these silly little things."

Hiram held her in his arms, touched her hair and said, "Oh, right. You said that you came here to borrow something from me. What do you need?"

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