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   Chapter 481 Hiram's Little Accident

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After sending Flora home, Hiram arranged for two nurses to take care of her by turns.

Flora pestered Hiram to stay longer but he ignored her and went downstairs with Chad.

"Chad, what did you learn from the investigation? How did the driver crash the car?" asked Hiram as he lit a cigarette after getting into the car.

Chad was the authority on investigations of this nature.

Hiram, I haven't got anything yet. That driver was drunk while driving and he has a quick temper. As for the real motive behind his actions, I have a team of my men looking into it. If there is anything unusual, we will know it."

Chad replied as he drove the car.

The accident was no coincidence, it was a deliberate move.

They suspected that there was someone who was behind the entire scheme.

"By the way, keep an eye on Marcus," said, Hiram, his eyebrows knitted together slightly, and added, "And bring those two damned paintings with you tomorrow, and return them to Marcus."

He had accepted them only to show his good will.

In the Tulip Palace, Rachel was lying on her stomach in her bedroom, without the faintest hint of sleep coming to her. Joyce and Jonny kept badgering her one after the other.

She was unbearably embarrassed when Joyce stared at the bruise on her neck and asked, "Mommy did you fight with Dad?

Jonny's expression grew grim, and he complained, "Dad is a bad dad. How could he fight with Mom? I don't like him from now on."

Sure enough, when Hiram came back home, both Jonny and Joyce ignored him with pouty faces. He was surprised by their reaction since they had seemed perfectly happy to see him yesterday.

"What happened? Why did they ignore me?" asked Hiram, frowning, as he entered the bedroom. Rachel lay on the bed smiling.

Rachel sighed and shyly pointed at her neck. She lifted up the quilt to show Hiram the rest of the marks that he had made on her body.

I couldn't find an excuse so I decided not to offer any explanations at all.

Rachel had been left with no choice. She couldn't even say that a mosquito had done that because it was winter.

Hiram paused when he heard Rachel's words. He walked over and sat down next to her on the bed and said, " It was not my fault, it was yours. You seduced me."

If I hadn't do

n to have business in H City, so I have to stay there for a year. Once the year is done I plan to sell the house and make money from the sale. All right. I have to board my plane now."

Sensing that the conversation was coming to a close, Rachel felt relieved. She wondered what was going through his head.

He was so wealthy. Why did he have a crush on Rachel? Especially since she was already happily married.

She was not a beauty, nor a glamorous star. There was no reason for him to pursue her like that.

After hanging up the phone, Rachel heaved a sigh.

Hiram, who was working on the laptop, on the sofa, looked up and asked, "Was that Marcus?"

He could correctly guess that from her expression alone.

Rachel nodded and put the phone on the table.

"He said that he has bought a house in H City and plans to stay for a year." To calm her anxiety she played with her hair, unsure of what to do.

Was he deliberately trying to test her relationship with Hiram?

No one had ever been interested in her before. But, now that she was married, suddenly men found her attractive.

This circumstance annoyed Rachel.

Hiram had a cold smile on his face when he responded, "I'm okay with it. H City is a big town, swarming with millions of people. It's his call to decide where he wants to stay."

But what Hiram actually was thinking was different. He mentally cursed himself, "It was clearly my fault for allowing you near Rachel, Marcus, but from now on, I won't allow you anywhere near her.'

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