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   Chapter 480 Woman, You Have Succeeded!

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When Rachel was about to knock on the door, it squeaked open from inside. She quickly took a step back. But unfortunately, since her heels were too high, she wasn't able to keep the balance and fell backward.

Hiram was surprised when he saw a woman at the door. Although he didn't see her face, he stepped forward immediately and pulled her towards him by instinct. His eyes narrowed when he found that the woman was nobody else, but Rachel.

Rachel laughed awkwardly and wrapped his neck with her arm. The high-heeled shoes were great because they made her look almost the same height as him.

Hiram smiled, as he looked at her sexy red gauze dress. 'Is she seducing me?' he thought to himself.

"Hiram, could you let me in?" Rachel asked embarrassingly, worried that someone who passed by would get scared by her dress.

Hiram laughed. He was planning to exercise at the gym upstairs. But now, it seemed he could obtain the same effect by working out with her body.

When they entered the bedroom, Rachel switched off all the bright lights and switched on the dim lights.

She pushed Hiram down on the sofa, took a few steps back and then stood in the middle of the room.

Wondering what she wanted to do, Hiram sat up on the sofa and lit up a cigarette to calm himself down. He was on fire the moment he opened the door and saw the woman in a red dress.

He found that it seemed Rachel was a bit in conflict with herself. After a few seconds, Rachel played music on her phone and placed it on a table. It was a romantic song that was very popular years ago.

The song was easy to get people excited and most importantly, it was suitable for the dance she would show him next.

'Although I'm not skillful yet, my dance at least should be good enough for him, '

she thought.

With the rhythm of the music, Hiram's eyes became dark and streaked. He wondered when this woman had learned how to dance.

She was so hot! Hiram's heart started beating fast every time she raised her buttocks, straightened her chest and shook her hair.

Rachel was a little shy at the beginning, but after dancing for a while, she became more confident.

Sometimes, letting go of one's self was a good way to relax.

Hiram swallowed intensely. He had totally forgotten about smoking and glued his eyes on the woman dancing in front of him.

He felt like his heart was about to explode.

Finally, the dance was over.


y time soon.

It was Chad who drove the car to Flora's apartment. Hiram and Flora were sitting on the rear seats.

When they arrived, Hiram supported Flora in getting out of the car. One of her legs wasn't injured so she was able to walk slowly with the help of other people. However, with only taking a few steps, she cried, "Hiram, my feet hurt..."

Consequently, Flora placed her head against Hiram. It was obvious that she wanted him to carry her upstairs.

Hiram sighed slightly. He was about to hold her when he suddenly remembered how angry Rachel was when she had seen him holding Bonnie last time.

"Chad, come here!"

"Ah? Hiram?" Chad came over and looked at him with a perplexed expression.

"Carry Flora on your back and take her upstairs," Hiram said coldly.

Chad was somewhat stunned and looked reluctant to do so.

But when he found Hiram was glancing at him discontentedly, he immediately nodded and bent down. "Miss Flora, come on! Let me carry you upstairs."

Flora was a little embarrassed and there was a glow on her face. She looked at Hiram shyly and said while pulling his coat, "Hiram..."

Hiram raised his brows and explained, "Sorry, I got my waist hurt yesterday because of my carelessness, so I can't carry anything now. Just let Chad carry you on his back. It's just the same as I carry you upstairs."

Although it was just an excuse, he did wear out last night.

After hearing that, Flora sighed. Since she had no choice, she climbed on Chad's back after considering what Hiram had said.

She understood that he had been implying something else at that moment.

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