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   Chapter 479 A Different Rachel

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Hiram was stunned by what he saw the moment he walked in.

He found that Flora got pork chop soup all over her clothes. It was everywhere, even on her head and body. The soup was dripping from her hair. She looked at Rachel with a hurt look in her eyes, and sobbed out, "Come on! Rachel, I know you have a problem with me, but you didn't need to do that to me!"

"What happened?" Hiram asked with furrowed eyebrows. He switched his eyes from the two women to the broken bowl on the floor.

Flora cried out loudly and whimpered, "It's nothing, Hiram. I'm fine. Don't worry. It's my fault. I know that she's mad at me because you didn't go home last night. Please don't blame her now!"

Hiram fixed his eyes at Rachel and asked coldly, "You did this to her, Rachel?"

To both Hiram and Flora's surprise, Rachel didn't even try to explain herself.

She stood up from her chair slowly, took a piece of tissue from the table and collected some of the mess on the floor.

"I know you won't believe me, even if I said I didn't do it. So, it really doesn't matter. The truth is, I've never even touched this bowl. Now, let's take the bowl to identify the fingerprints on it. When the results come out, we'll know who is telling the lie and who is innocent. Am I fair enough, Flora?" she narrated calmly.

Then she turned to look at Flora, whose face had turned pale.

Flora was too naive to frame her with such a childish trick. Rachel wasn't one to go down without a fight.

"Don't bother, Rachel. I'm not blaming you, but……" Flora dodged Rachel's suggestion with an embarrassing expression on her face.

Hiram shifted his eyes from Rachel to Flora, and then shouted at the door, "Somebody come in here to clean this up."

The nursing assistants, who were waiting outside, came in immediately. They cleaned up the soup from the floor and Flora. They then called the doctor to give her a checkup.

Flora's face turned deathly pale. She'd never thought that Rachel would have sloughed over it that easily. It seemed like what she did was just a mere cool breeze for Rachel. It didn't affect her whatsoever.

"Everything is fine. I suppose that this was an accident. Please be careful next time, Flora. You should ask the assistants to help you anytime you require it," the doctor said after the checkup.

Rachel heaved with relief and said to Hiram, "Thank God! I believe that Flora needs to rest. Shall we go home now, honey?"

Hiram glanced over at Flora, whose face was still pale, and said, "Okay. Flora, please take care. We're leaving now."

After they left the hospital, Hiram and Rachel drove home in the same car.

"Hiram, tell me the truth. Do you trust me? Do you think I poured the soup over her head?" Rachel asked and sighed. Both she and Hira

s he put them down on the chairs in front of the dining table.

Fannie also said to Rachel, "Come on, don't linger! You'd better hurry up. The dishes are getting colder."

"Okay," Rachel nodded and walked to the dining table.

After dinner, the kids clang to their father to spend more time with him.

Rachel, on the other hand, found that she had nothing to do at the time. She went to her bedroom and took out a box from her wardrobe.

There was a red low-neck dress inside it, and it was very sexy. She bought it two days ago but didn't have the courage to wear it yet. As she ran her fingers along the fine satin, she took a deep breath to cheer herself up.

After refreshing herself in a quick shower, she sat in the front of her dresser to put on her makeup. She then selected the brightest red lipstick she could find.

Then she compressed her lip and sprayed Hiram's favorite perfume on her before finally putting on the daring red dress.

Afterwards, she put on the high heels she had matched with the dress.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, she found that she looked elegant and magnificent, much like a red rose blossoming in the dark night.

She cracked a smile and was quite satisfied with the look she'd put together. To her surprise, she could get used to this style more than she had thought.

She was charmed with herself until she heard the door opened next door. She glanced at the clock on the wall and realized that it was already ten at night.

The kids had gone to bed at this time usually, and Hiram must have gone back to his room.

She opened her door quietly and looked around. The next moment, she slipped out of her room in her sexy little dress and her 10 cm high heels.

She crept to Hiram's bedroom and raised her hand to knock on the door. Her heart was bouncing wildly in her chest.

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