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   Chapter 477 New Skills

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Rachel went inside the adjacent room. She closed the door, leaned against it and then tears began to fall down her cheeks one after another. After a while, she stopped crying and shuffled to the bed stiffly, wiping off her tears.

She tossed and turned in bed until midnight. She was unable to fall asleep and began talking to herself.

'Alright, Rachel, you must hold on! It's good that Hiram didn't ask you for a divorce. Be patient, and give him some time. He'll eventually accept you. You can't lose heart. Keep fighting until he accepts you again!'

Because of the restless and uncomfortable torture inside, she kept tossing and turning. She tried to close her eyes tightly, but it was of no help at all. She didn't know when she would fall asleep.

The following day, and the next, Hiram came home every night, but they didn't share the same bedroom.

Rachel was able to see him only once when he came home. Never again after that.

That day, she set the alarm clock before going to bed and got up early in the morning. She had her breakfast at the same table with Hiram. She felt a bit relieved that even though they didn't talk much with each other, they, somehow, still greeted each other.

After breakfast, seeing him head to the door with his suitcase, Rachel rushed outside immediately and caught up with him after he got on the car. "I'm going to work too today. Can I have a ride with you?" she asked hurriedly.

But she got inside the car and sat beside him before he was able to say a word.

Then she said to Chad, regardless of Hiram's reaction, "Chad, please drop me off at the turning near my office."

Hiram looked at her, but she didn't give him the chance to utter anything. She explained, "Carl got other plans this morning. I've told him to pick me up this afternoon instead. I'll stay in my office the whole day and go nowhere until Carl shows up.

I want to tell you something. I've already found the kids a kindergarten. Look, over there! It's just a few steps from our place. They also have a primary school there. In that case, it would be convenient for us to pick them up. What do you think of it?"

Rachel blinked her eyes and waited for his reply patiently.

"It's up to you," Hiram responded in a low voice. He looked at his watch and said to Chad, "Chad, you need to bring the business plan to my office the first thing we arrive, and later, you can go to the Southwest Branch directly."

"Okay, Hiram," Chad replied without any hesitation.

Shortly, they arrived at Rachel's office. Chad pulled over and dropped her off.

Before she got off, Rachel took out a neatly folded scarf from her bag and said, "I asked my mom to teach me how to knit a scarf the past two days. I know it's getting warm, but it's still chilly outside. Here, let me put it around your neck."

She put it on

. She couldn't tell him what had happened in the past few days. He was going to get married, and all she should say was congratulations.

Daniel let out a light laugh as if he could see the expressions on her face now, and said, "I know you're in the middle of something to hear you say that. Why didn't you call me? As you said before, I am your lifetime friend. If you have something that upset you, you can call me at any time you want."

Rachel took a deep breath as her eyes teared up. She looked up and smilingly said, "Thank you, Daniel. It's nice of you to say that. It's what I needed right now. To tell you the truth, I'm missing you!"

Daniel was silent for a while on the other side of the phone.

"You'd better. It seems I got my efforts' worth. After all, I've risked my life to save you before. Remember my wedding is coming next Sunday. See you then! I'm hanging up now. I'd better immerse myself again in the preparations now. Let's catch up next time..." Daniel said. He sounded as if he was relieved.

After they hung up, both of them stayed silent for a while.

Rachel looked at her computer and got lost in deep thoughts.

It was sort of melancholy seeing people who went through thick and thin together becoming other people's husband or wife.

On the other side, Daniel gazed at his phone in confusion. When he heard that Rachel said she missed him, he almost jumped from his chair and flew to her immediately.

He wished that he could listen to her about her grievance, and lighten up her difficulty and anxiety.

Her life with Hiram could be anything but dull. It was most probably because something that made her heart broken had happened. Since he was away from her for a while, she didn't keep him informed all the time.

Daniel turned his eyes to the gray sky outside.

'Rachel, please be strong, no matter what happens!' he wished in his mind.

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