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   Chapter 475 A Tryst

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Rachel stayed in the hospital for a few days with an I.V. in her arm. Fannie had come to visit her several times, but Hiram never showed up.

Hiram was like the sun in Rachel's world, lighting up her life. But these days, darkness, hopelessness and helplessness enveloped her soul.

When she was discharged, Rachel went straight to the Streams Company.

Rachel missed Hiram.

Although Hiram didn't want to see her, Rachel would be satisfied if she could just see him, even from a long distance.

"Rachel?" Chad nodded his head to her and pointed his fingers at the meeting room. "Mr. Rong is having a meeting now. It'll finish in just a few minutes. You can wait here."

"Okay. You can do your own work. I can handle it myself," Rachel said and walked toward the meeting room.

The room's walls were made of glass, and Rachel could see Hiram clearly through the open blinds.

He sat in the middle of the room, discussing something with a man who had given a speech. Then he stood up and shared his opinions on the relief map hanging on the wall. When Hiram finished his speech, the audience greeted him with warm applause and nods of approval. Rachel could tell Hiram had impressed them.

Rachel stared at Hiram. Although they were only separated by a pane of glass, Rachel felt like Hiram was miles away.

As she saw the meeting about to end, Rachel turned around quickly.

Hiram happened to lift his head at the same time. His deep eyes stared at the sight of Rachel's back. Rachel was going to leave.

"President Rong, we have an appointment with Vice President Zhong later," Ben said as he walked toward Hiram.

Ben's words brought Hiram's attention back to the meeting room. "Okay, get prepared."

Rachel walked out of the building. She had come there on her own, but she saw Carl was now waiting to escort her in his car.

"Carl?" She was surprised to see him. 'How could Carl know that I came here?' she thought.

"Rachel! Hiram called me and asked me to pick you up. Why don't you come back home and have a good rest? You were just discharged from the hospital! You're still very weak," Carl said and opened the door for Rachel.

Rachel was confused. She took a look at the tall building behind her. 'Did Hiram see me?" she wondered.

Rachel climbed in and told Carl to take her home. She was thinking about taking care of the children, but a call interrupted her thought.

It was Marcus.

"Hello, Rachel. It's Marcus. I came to H City. Are you free? Would you like to meet me?" he said.

"I can't believe you called me! You have no shame at all." Rachel smiled coldly, thinking he would feel guilty and sorry for what he had done. But it seemed like he didn't at all. 'How brazen of him!' she thought.

"Why can't I call you? Come and meet me. I'm waiting for you in t

e more you say, the more it means you are jealous of me! Then I will be happier!

You said I'm a bitch. I'll tell you what. Whether it's Hiram or Marcus, you can never win their hearts!

And do you know why? Men with a clear mind would never fall in love with you. You have nothing but your outward beauty! There's nothing beautiful about you inside."

Rachel was a strong person and would not tolerate verbal abuse. She fought back if people crossed her boundaries.

"See? Marcus, can you believe Rachel said such things to me? Say something, Marcus!" Bonnie stomped her feet and wiped the juice from her face. She went to hold Marcus's arms, begging for help.

But Marcus dodged her. He said indifferently, "Stop this nonsense.

Mrs. Rong and I have things to discuss. We're just having a lunch together. And you're being so ridiculous. If you become jealous this easily, I don't think we should keep our relationship anymore."

Bonnie became upset immediately. She asked in disbelief, "Marcus, what are you talking about?"

Bonnie thought she was closer to her dream — being the wife of a CEO.

But now her plan was nipped in the bud before it had any chance to grow.

"Can't you hear, miss? If I were you, I would have already walked out. At least, I could have some dignity." Carl mocked Bonnie.

Bonnie realized she was being impetuous. She grabbed Marcus's hand and apologized, "I'm sorry, Marcus. I act out too quickly sometimes. I know I'm wrong, and I'm sorry. Could you please forgive me, Marcus?

I will never interfere with your private life, I promise!"

Marcus frowned as he looked at Bonnie's hands holding his tightly. "This gentleman is right. If you left just now, at least you could have some dignity. And now…

do you think I, Marcus Ren, will fall in love with a woman who has no dignity?"

Marcus' cruel words startled Bonnie.

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