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   Chapter 474 Calm Down And Think Straight

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The car was so quiet that one could even hear a pin drop.

The silence in the atmosphere suffocated Rachel.

They went on their way back to H City.

Rachel had no recollection of getting out of the car and going home. Standing before the gates, she found that it was almost dark.

Rachel forced a smile for Jonny and Joyce, and then she told Fannie that she was tired and needed some rest. In low spirits, Rachel dragged herself upstairs and locked herself in the room.

In the bathroom, the cold water dripped down Rachel's head. Sitting inside the bathtub, she curled up and hugged herself.

She needed to sooth the pain in her heart.

Rachel remained in the bathroom until dawn. Towards morning, she wrapped herself in a bathrobe and walked towards the bed.

As soon as her head touched the pillow, Rachel drifted off to oblivion.

Rachel didn't know how long she slept. She vaguely heard someone call her name, but she was too sleepy to respond.

Several hours later, Rachel opened her eyes and found herself in a stark white room. 'Where am I? This isn't my home, ' she thought groggily. The room smelled strongly of disinfectant.

That was when she realized that she was in the hospital.

"Did you want to kill yourself? You soaked yourself in cold water overnight. Do you know you've caught pneumonia?"

The voice sounded very angry and the words pounded her head. Rachel turned her head and looked at the man standing by the window.

At the same time, Hiram also turned around to face her. They gazed into each other's eyes.

Rachel struggled to sit up. Her lips were lifeless and parched, her eyes sparkling with tears. She wished to speak but stopped.

"Take care of yourself. I have to leave now," said Hiram, and took one last look at her before leaving.

Weakness overtook her and Rachel collapsed back onto the bed, just after he disappeared from view.

In her drugged state, Rachel's heart ached every time the image of Hiram's cold eyes flashed through her mind.

When Rachel woke next, she found Celine at her bedside. Rachel looked at her in confusion wondering h

nothing transpired between you and Marcus that night, maybe you and Hiram can get back together. So, Rachel, you need to keep it together now, and steel yourself because you have to face the aftershocks.

So stop doing crazy things!" continued Celine. "Flora is a bitch! A bitch with two faces! She would have been so happy if something had happened to you!"

Celine said, pounding the table angrily.

"You must be careful. It's not your fault! If anything, it's Hiram's fault for being the most desirable man in all of H City. Women, like Flora, can go to any lengths to get him. Sometimes things can go very wrong", comforted Celine.

Rachel felt the tension leave her, and she gradually calmed down.

"Celine... Thank you. You always have stood by me." said Rachel, and enclosed Celine in a weepy embrace. Caught unawares, Celine, couldn't help but smile.

"You silly girl. You saved me from my last relationship, and you introduced Hardy to me. I'm more thankful to you," said Celine. She patted Rachel's shoulder softly and her eyes glistened with tears.

"Your life was doomed to be extraordinary since the day you decided to marry Hiram, so you must also be prepared for the storm it brings."

Celine's words finally hit home. The road ahead was riddled with obstacles, so she must gather herself, and keep her cool.

She had to show the world that only she could stand beside Hiram.

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