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   Chapter 473 Rachel’s not the only woman in this world

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As long as Hiram didn't ask her to go away, she wouldn't leave him again. She had promised him after she came back from North Sea City.

Glancing at her, Marcus leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette.

He was well aware that Flora and he plotted the whole matter, and Rachel was innocent.

Thus, he stayed here in case she might do something stupid just like that in his room.

Inside his room, Hiram sat on the sofa.

He hadn't uttered a single word after he left Marcus's room. He bowed his head with dull eyes, both hands cradling his forehead. No one knew what he was thinking now.

Flora stood in the hallway for a long moment. She looked at Hiram with pitiful eyes and then said in a low voice, "Hiram, please don't be upset. I know you feel terrible now, but since it has already happened, anger won't help the situation."

Hiram made no response. She crouched down near him, and said, "Hiram, please say something. You're scaring me!"

"Get out of here!" he suddenly yelled.

"Hiram, I …"

"You heard me. Leave me alone. Please don't fantasize that I'll be with you, even if Rachel cheated on me. Forgive me for being honest," Hiram retorted coldly as he raised his head and glared at her. His cold eyes were like a double-edged sword.

"Even if Rachel and I separate, you and I are friends at most – nothing more – and this is the closest relationship I can keep with you. To tell you the truth, you've begun making me uncomfortable."

Flora's mind reeled. Why hadn't things developed as she planned? She got down on her knees and held Hiram's legs tightly, begging, "Please, Hiram! Don't say that to me. What happened to Rachel is quite a shock to you, and I can understand. But this is me. Please don't push me away, Hiram!

I'm as clean as jade, and I've been keeping my integrity for you since the moment I saw you. I'll be yours as long as you ask for it!

I swear I'll never cheat on you!" She finally had blurted out everything in her mind.

Now that she was the one in need of comfort, she threw her affection on him. Her tears stained Hiram's pants as she pressed her face against his legs. "Hiram, listen to me. Rachel's not the only woman in this world. Think about it.

I'll always be with you, even if you don't regard me as your lover. It's okay. I'll never do anything wrong to you, never!" she continued.

Hiram closed his eyes slowly. He felt like his heart was being stabbed again and again by a sharp knife at the thought of his wife – the woman he had put his heart and soul into – sleeping with another man.

No man could ever accept their wife cheating on them, including him.

None of them knew how long


I'm sorry, Hiram! I …"

He didn't utter a word and looked away from her, clenching his fists.

No matter what she said, she couldn't change the fact that she cheated on him.

"Why didn't you ask Carl to come with you?" he asked coldly as he swept his eyes at her, "tell me why."

He couldn't contain his anger and yelled, "Don't you remember what I told you before? You should have Carl with you when you leave your room?!

We could have avoided all of this, if you listened to me. Even if Flora and Marcus plotted something behind our backs, we could take care and keep ourselves from their trap. But why did you insist on going to drink with them alone? Or maybe there's something I didn't know before. You were attracted by Marcus without noticing, right?"

Rachel shook her head immediately.

Staring at her coldly, Hiram spoke out all his suspicion, "Before we left, you said you had left your purse in Marcus's car, but why didn't you ask Carl to fetch it for you? Why didn't you call Carl to pick you up the day before? Why didn't you just take a taxi home?

It seems to me that your relationship with him is much closer than I thought."

Rachel kept shaking her head as her eyes overflowed with tears. She sobbed, "No, that's not the truth. I've never thought that way. You're overreacting! Yes, I had my own plan, but I was planning to bring Marcus and Flora together. And then she would stop bothering us for good …

The reason why I went to his hotel …

I just wanted to save some time, and it would have been too much trouble to ask Carl to fetch it for me." It was quite a simple matter; how could Hiram not understand?

"Enough!" Hiram interrupted.

He sneered at her, and then looked away again. His eyes were as cold as a frozen river.

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