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   Chapter 472 A Good Actor

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 9007

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Marcus got out of the bed and walked towards the bathroom as he tied his bathrobe.

"Stop! Marcus, what did you say? Say it again!" Rachel shouted at him.

She was totally confused. Why was Marcus here? What had happened last night? Rachel massaged her head roughly with her hands, trying hard to recollect her memory about what had happened last night. However, she couldn't recall her memory of the night.

All she remembered was drinking with Flora and Marcus. She had no idea what had happened after that. 'Why were she and Marcus sleeping in the same bed? Did anything happen between them?' She had to know!

Marcus turned around and said in a low, yet steady voice, "I'm sorry."

Rachel was completely struck by his words. Her face turned pale and her entire body kept trembling as though she was standing on the brink of a deep gulf.

She just sat on the bed with a blank look on her face, holding the quilt tightly with all of her strength.

Finally, she was exhausted like a deflated balloon.

When her husband came back home from work at sunrise, he found that Rachel wasn't in their room.

He also noticed that the bed had remained untouched during the night. It was obvious to him that Rachel didn't sleep in their room last night. Hiram frowned and walked out to ask Carl whether he knew where Rachel was.

Before he could reach Carl's room, he saw Flora, who lived in the diagonally opposite room, walking towards him.

"Hiram, you just got back from work?" Flora asked in surprise. She wore her sportswear. It seemed as though she had just got up and was going out for her morning run.

Hiram stopped and then asked after a slight hesitation, "Flora, have you seen Rachel?"

"Rachel... Isn't she in your room? Um, we had a few drinks together last night. Rachel, Marcus, and I. It was the three of us. The last time I saw her, was when she said that she had something to talk about with Marcus, and that was when they went to Marcus's room,"

Flora replied, secretly observing the expression on Hiram's face, which changed quickly.

"Which room is Marcus's room?" Hiram asked coldly, with his brows wrinkled.

Without speaking, Flora pointed to the room beside hers.

Hiram walked towards Marcus's room quickly and then knocked on his door loudly.

Marcus who was already dressed glanced toward the bedroom and then walked over to open the door, once he heard the knocking.

"Marcus! Where is Rachel?" Hiram asked directly when the door opened.

Before Marcus could even answer Hiram, Rachel, who looked absent-minded and bleak, came out from the bedroom. Her hair was in a mess, and her clothes untidy.

Hiram stared at Rachel with fury in his

ou, and you end up getting divorced, then I'm willing to marry you and give you a new family," said Marcus, staring at Rachel, whose tears were streaming down her face. In this drama, that was directed by Flora, Marcus's role was set to be a playboy who had a one-night stand with a married woman after getting her drunk. He thought that he could be a good actor and that once the drama came to an end, he could remove himself from it completely.

However, when he faced Rachel, he felt quite guilty.

Seeing Rachel cry and heartbroken, he began to regret helping Flora and tried to think of ways to make it up to her.

Rachel pushed him away fiercely and walked out of the room, paying no attention to what Marcus was saying. She wanted to see Hiram and tell him that she was framed.

She loved her husband very much, and would never dream of betraying him.

However, she stopped at the door of Hiram's room. Even though her body wasn't faithful to her husband anymore, she had to think about what she was going to say once she came face to face with Hiram.

After struggling to gather her thoughts, Rachel got up the courage and was about to knock the door.

Marcus came out of his room and prevented her. "Don't go in. Flora is inside with him, and what more could you possibly say to rectify what had happened?"

"Is this what you intended?

Flora has always been jealous of me. She loves Hiram and wants him for herself. You set this trap for me, and ruined my life. To make it worse, now you're waiting to see Hiram abandon me. How evil can you possibly be, Marcus!" Rachel said with a sneer.

With that, she leaned against the wall and lowered her body to the ground slowly.

Putting her hands around her knees, she just sat there, waiting for Hiram to open the door.

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