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   Chapter 471 Something in Rachel's Drink

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Rachel woke up in good spirits. She enjoyed her morning in the Hot Spring Palace with Carl. When afternoon came, she took a leisurely drive with Carl. The window of her car was rolled down, and now and then, a cool breeze breathed on her as she enjoyed a peaceful time looking outside as the roads were slowly being enveloped in the dusk.

Hiram had called her earlier and said that he was going to be held back at the company due to work, and would be back home late.

The day was too good to be spent just staying home alone, so she asked Carl to show her around and enjoyed a change of scenery before going back to the Hot Spring Palace.

It was nighttime when they returned. "Carl, I'm going to my bedroom now. You should go and rest too. Thanks for today," she bid Carl good night. He must be exhausted after the long drive.

"Okay, Rachel. Call me if you need anything," he said, stretching his arms and letting out a yawn. Then, he went downstairs to the room he shared with Chad.

Flora was standing outside her bedroom. Rachel was surprised to find her waiting there.

Upon seeing Rachel, her head shot up and her back straightened. "Rachel, do you have some time?" Rachel looked at her carefully. It seemed as if she had been waiting for a long time. Rachel thought she almost sounded relieved.

She hesitated, feeling tired after her eventful day. "I'm sorry. I just came back and I'm a bit tired. Let's take a rain check?" she said, and walked forward to the door.

Her hand was on the door handle when Flora grasped her arm.

"Rachel, please. It won't take long. Hiram hasn't come back yet, and to be honest, I feel terrible about the way I acted the other day. I just want to apologize properly. Since we're here now, won't you hear me out?" she pleaded.

Rachel found herself being pulled reluctantly towards the elevator.

She absentmindedly followed her through doors, and before she knew it, Marcus was there with them. She stiffened in surprise.

"Mrs. Rong, have a seat," Marcus said to Rachel with a smile. He filled a glass with wine and handed it to her, then proceeded to fill another.

Flora felt Rachel tense up. "Rachel, relax. Now that Marcus is here, you don't have anything to worry about," she joked. She led Rachel to a seat in one corner, then settled down next to Marcus.

Flora reached for the glass of wine in front of her and clinked it with Rachel's. "Rachel, I have always wanted to apologize ever since what happened. I was drunk, and wasn't in the right senses. I'm so sorry. I hope you can accept my apology,"

Flora said, then, she took her glass and emptied it in one go. She took the bottle a

remember the cause of her pounding head.

A man's back was turned to her. He was naked- his body uncovered with the quilt.

Rachel yawned and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Why don't you take the quilt? You'll get cold," she said drowsily.

She lifted up the quilt and saw that she was naked. Then, she kicked that man and complained with feigned annoyance, "You're such a bad guy. What did you do to me while I was sleeping?"

Marcus was already awake. He opened his eyes and looked at the hands around him. He savored the feeling of Rachel's face pressed against his back. Her long hair flowed through his back and brought a pleasant sensation to his naked skin.

It was a feeling he could get used to in the mornings.

But at that moment, Rachel's mind sobered up.

She shot up immediately and covered her body with the quilt. Her eyes widened at the figure lying next to her, her head thrown into confusion.

The man next to her had a chiseled figure, like Hiram. He was lean and muscled, and dark hair dusted his chest.

Rachel knew Hiram's body from memory. She struggled to gather her thoughts as they raced across her mind.

Hiram didn't have chest hair. This man, who was lying next to her, naked, was not Hiram.

Marcus wanted to enjoy the moment a little longer, but he knew he had been found out.

He sat up, taking his time, and leaned against the headboard. He smiled at Rachel, his dark eyes slyly glinting. "What's with all the surprise? Don't you remember how close we got last night, Rachel?" he asked, his tone suggestive.

Rachel seemed as if she had turned to stone. Words escaped her when she heard what Marcus said. After a bewildered pause, she found her voice

and asked in disbelief. "What are you talking about?!"

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