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   Chapter 470 I Will Help You

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The water in the pool wasn't deep, and it was only up to Rachel's collarbone.

Marcus brushed past her and swam to the other side, away from Hiram.

"Right, it's a small world! Nice to meet you, Mr. Rong. Are you taking a vacation here with your wife?" Marcus asked.

Hiram reached out his hands to Rachel and helped her to walk up the stairs before replying, "No, I'm on a business trip, and my wife is here to enjoy the hot spring."

"The married life of Mr. and Mrs. Rong is just so happy that it is really enviable!" Marcus flattered. He took a glass of red wine from the waiter standing beside the pool and raised his glass to offer a toast to Hiram from a distance.

Flora walked over to Marcus and sat on the edge beside him. "If you envy the life of this happy couple, you know you can find the right woman to marry yourself. Then, you won't have to come and go by yourself every day. Instead, you can enjoy the company of someone," she teased him smilingly.

Marcus took a sip of his wine, laughed and replied, "Marriage varies from person to person, and I believe that not everyone can be as happy as Mr. Rong."

"Yes, you got the point. Mr. and Mrs. Rong are a couple in millions, and no one can achieve their happiness," Flora continued as she was taking a look at Hiram and Rachel.

Rachel wasn't listening to their compliments since she was focusing on her swimming. Because she couldn't swim much, she just floated around in the water. The pool there was fitting for learners, but she still could not swim after trying several times.

"I think you need a better teacher. Come on, let's go over there, and I'll show you one more time," Hiram said to Rachel as he noticed her flapping in the water. He jumped into the water and led Rachel to the other side while holding her hands.

"But I'm slow to learn ……" Rachel explained embarrassingly with a bitter smile. She even felt nervous just by hearing the words 'learn swimming'.

As he saw the expression on her face, Hiram chuckled and deliberately said, "Right, I know. Even Jonny and Joyce know how to swim. You're the only one in our family who can't!"

When they got to the other side, Hiram let go of her hands. He began swimming in the water, as freely as a fish. Rachel looked at him enviably but had no idea where she should start, or what her arms and legs should do. She got nervous the moment she got wet.

As Flora watched Rachel and Hiram being affectionate and happy with each other, a doleful expression painted her face. Their relationship was like a strong fort that could defy any attack she would make. Even though she acted like a contemptible villain, she never got what she wanted.

What she had done before was just like an egg

h knitted brows.

"I know, Marcus. I know my efforts might come into vain, but I can't wait anymore. Maybe it's the only way that he could accept me!" Flora said regardless.

She grabbed his hands and begged, "Please help me, Marcus! You're the only one that I can depend on!"

"Flora, look, they have been married and got two adorable kids. Even if this means nothing to you, they're deeply in love with each other, and it won't be easy to separate them. Please calm down!" Marcus patiently explained to her, trying to get some sense in her.

Flore shook her head and explained, "No, I've never expected that they will get divorced. All I want is an opportunity that will get me close to him. Please, Marcus! Please help me with this!

I know your influence. You can help me with this as long as you lend a finger on it."

Marcus took his hands from her, walked to the desk and grabbed the coffee he made before Flora came. He, then, said, "Yes, I can make it happen, but I don't want to get involved. You know him better than me, right? I don't think he will suffer this loss and do nothing."

"Marcus, please!" Flora exclaimed.

Suddenly, Flora fell on her knees with a thud. She grasped his pants and spoke in a lamenting voice, "Please! You promised me before. You'll do anything as long as I ask you to do. I believe you'll keep your words, right?

Just once, and this will be the last time! I promise!"

Marcus put the mug on the desk, grabbed the cigarette box, walked to the windows, put a cigarette into his mouth, and lit it up, as he gazed at the dark sky outside.

He didn't say anything until he finished his cigarette.

"Fine, I'll keep my words and help you.

But, I can only help you once this time, regardless of the results. Please keep that in your mind," he said in a low voice.

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