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   Chapter 469 Hot Spring Resort

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 7008

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"Sorry. We have a meeting inside. No one is allowed in without permission."

President Li's secretary stopped Rachel and Carl, who were about to walk into the meeting room.

Rachel glanced at the meal she bought for Hiram, which was getting cold. She knew it would be inappropriate for Hiram to eat it inside, so she thought about asking him to come out and eat. Besides, it wouldn't take him very long.

"Good afternoon, miss. I'm President Rong's wife. Would you mind asking him to come out and eat his lunch? He hasn't eaten this afternoon. It wouldn't take him much time, twenty minutes at the most." Rachel said to the secretary.

Realizing that Rachel was Hiram's wife, the secretary nodded in respect and said politely,"Good afternoon, Mrs. Rong. Please wait a moment. I'll go to tell President Rong now."

A few minutes later, Hiram came out.

He burst into laughter when he saw the meal Rachel had brought for him and walked to the lounge with her.

Chad tagged along to the lounge.

"You're so considerate, honey. I am starving. I was thinking I wouldn't be able to eat until the meeting was finished." Smiling, Hiram thanked Rachel. He grabbed a pair of chopsticks and started to gobble up his lunch.

"That's not good. I heard the meeting wouldn't end until this evening. It was such a long time. How could you not eat anything? It's bad for your health," said Rachel as she took out a bowl of soup for Chad.

"Thank you, Mrs. Rong." Smiling, Chad thanked Rachel for thinking of him as well.

"Dear, would you like to join me in the meeting room?" Hiram said as he finished his lunch. He was afraid she might feel bored, waiting for him for such a long time.

But Rachel didn't want to sit around inside so long, listening to a boring meeting for hours. "I'd rather get some fresh air and have a stroll around the resort with Carl, I think," she said,"We'll come fetch you after the meeting is done."

The meeting finally ended at 8 p.m.

President Li had booked the largest, most luxurious hot spring resort throughout China. It was fashioned in Greek style a

a delightfully marvelous way.

"Hi, you guys. What a coincidence!" Rachel looked up and forced her involuntary scowl into a smile. "Well, hello, Marcus ... and Flora," she managed to say.

"Hey, Rachel. What a coincidence! You came with Hiram?" Flora couldn't hide her delight.

"Uh-huh." Rachel was annoyed and thought to herself, 'You can see him over there! Don't ask me such a question!'

Marcus greeted Rachel, too. "Mrs. Rong, we meet again."

Rachel gave a quick wave to Marcus, covering her breast with her hand subconsciously.

Not until now did Marcus notice Rachel's curvy body, and it surprised him. Rachel's typical wardrobe didn't properly display her good shape.

A few minutes later, Flora had put on her swimsuit and got into the pool with Marcus. By then, Hiram had finished his conversation with President Li.

President Li knew Hiram came with Rachel, so he left early. He didn't want to be a third wheel.

But poor Hiram had no idea what was about to transpire.

"Hiram!" Flora stood up and waved at Hiram, smiling. She waded towards him. "Long time no see, Hiram. I didn't know I would meet you here. What a coincidence!"

Hiram's jaw dropped. He didn't expect he would meet Flora here, and with Marcus.

"Yes. We meet again, President Ren," he said calmly and greeted Marcus.

Seeing Hiram was finally done with his work, Rachel waded toward him.

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