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   Chapter 468 You Tempted Me

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Celine had sent several pictures of sexy lingerie to Rachel so that she could choose the most alluring pair for Celine.

She also told Rachel that of her apparent failure that night.

Although Hardy had consumed enough alcohol, it was not easy to sway him. Celine had played all her cards but still couldn't get Hardy to reciprocate. In the end, they slept together without doing anything.

By this time Celine was frustrated and decided to entice him with sexy lingerie.

The sultry pictures made Rachel go red in the face. She looked up to see if Hiram had seen the pictures.

Hiram had no interest in observing her chat records but eventually glanced down at her on the phone. He caught sight of the picture and smiled slyly and said,"I like this one. Buy it and show me."

Rachel couldn't stifle an awkward cough before replying to Celine,"Is it possible that you misread his signals? Maybe there is nothing wrong with your charm or your personality. Perhaps he needs more time to get comfortable in the relationship?"

The phone rang in Rachel's hand. Celine had chosen to call instead of texting to respond.

"Oh, Rachel. What should I do?!" the frustration was clear in her voice.

"What should you do? You can't get disheartened just because he didn't touch you," replied Rachel, amused by her best friend. She stood up from her perch on Hiram's lap and went to sit on the chair opposite him.

It had been a long journey and Celine was a wonderful diversion from the boredom of travel.

Celine protested,"I didn't. I wonder if he really is an open-minded man. The society we live in is very sexually liberated for both men and women, and yet he didn't touch me!

Rachel, either he is unable to claim his masculinity, or worse, that I am too old to arouse his desire. Am I losing my charm?"

Celine's wails rang through the phone and filled the room. Rachel looked over at Hiram, who absorbed in his documents. 'Her voice is clearly audible even to him, ' she thought.

"Of course not, Celine! You are still as charming as always," said Rachel and continued,"Hardy belongs to a rare species of gentlemen. It is perfectly plausible that he did

the window, after he noticed that Rachel had woken up.

Rachel stretched her knotted back and got off the car. Carl was already waiting outside. "Carl, when will Hiram finish his meeting?" she asked him.

"I'm not sure. Maybe three or four hours, or probably even longer," Carl answered indeterminately.

Hiram was there to discuss the release of his new product line with his partner, so the meeting would take time. He planned to stay there overnight and return the next day.

Rachel looked at the watch and went back to the car to take her bag. "Let's go get something to eat first. Oh, and has Hiram had lunch? asked Rachel.

"Probably not. He went upstairs with Chad the moment we arrived," Carl replied.

In order to arrive on time, they had driven without stopping for a meal.

Since Rachel had slept all the way in the car, she didn't feel hungry. But, when she woke at 3 P.M, her stomach twisted with hunger.

"We can have lunch first and order takeout for Hiram and Chad," said Rachel. 'The meeting will probably last at least three hours. They should have something to eat, ' she decided.

"Alright, I know of several restaurants close by. Let's go have a look," suggested Carl, who too was hungry.

Rachel chose a restaurant that offered takeout services. After finishing their meal, they packed food for Hiram and Chad, and then walked over to the building that belonged to the most influential local company.

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