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   Chapter 467 It Is Normal For Single People To Have Sex

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Marcus wasn't prepared for her to arrive so soon. He quickly threw on a wrinkled shirt and opened the door, his hair still unruly from bed.

It seemed he had just woke up. But his messy mane didn't make him look less handsome. It gave him another kind of beauty.

Since he came to H City, he had stayed up late these days. So he also got up late.

"You've come?" Marcus said with a husky voice. He walked back and turned on the light in the living room.

"I'm sorry to disturb you during your rest." Rachel said. She supposed he had stayed up quite late since he looked tired.

Marcus pointed at the sofa and said,"Your purse is over there."

As Rachel went to grab her purse, she noticed the bedroom door was open.

A woman wearing only a bath towel walked out. She glanced at Rachel and seemed surprised to see her. Then she looked at Marcus, who had sat down for a drink of water.

"Mr. Ren? I'll leave now." As Rachel said goodbye to Marcus, she glanced at that beautiful woman, and a smile lifted the corners of her mouth. Then she walked toward the door.

Marcus nodded but glared at the woman who just walked out of the bedroom.

That would be Bonnie, who was supposed to go out with Hiram the day before, but she had failed to grab his attention. But she met up with Marcus and ended up in bed with him instead. So not all was lost.

After Rachel had gone... "Mr. Ren, who is she?"

"She is my friend. She left her purse in my car. What made you think you could just walk out like that?" Marcus's eyes filled with displeasure. After it was apparent he had drunk too much the night before, Bonnie said she wanted to see him home. But, naturally, she spent the night.

Bonnie smiled coyly, walked over to him and held his hand. "Marcus, don't be like that. I'm young and beautiful. Why can't I go out and be seen by other people? You're unmarried, and I'm single. It's normal that we have sex, isn't it?"

As she spoke, Bonnie stood on her toes and aimed for his lips.

But Marcus pulled her away and said,"I was drunk last night. If

I haven't heard any news about him for a long time." She remembered that the last time she got on this nanny van was when they went to the film and television base of Streams Company.

"I'm not clear about it. But he married Meggie last year, so he might leave public life temporarily." Hiram said. His head kept low.

"He got married? Why didn't I know that?" Rachel said with surprise. A big star's marriage should have been on the front page of every tabloid and magazine.

But she had never heard about it.

"They got married secretly, and only a few people know it." Hiram replied while reading the meeting materials.

Although Rachel was a little surprised, she understood. If people knew they were getting married, not all would wish them well. Some crazy fans might mock them and start bets on when they'd break up.

The movie was boring her, so she nestled in Hiram's arms and started playing games. She played several rounds but never won. Annoyed, she threw her phone on the sofa.

"What's the matter? How could you lose such an easy game?" Hiram smiled. He put his materials aside, picked up her phone and started to show off.

Rachel watched as his dexterity handily won the game. She was a little jealous. Why could he easily win such a hard game?

"You have a message." Hiram passed her the phone.

She blushed with a thrill at the message.

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