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   Chapter 466 Carrying You Is Just Part of My Daily Routine

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Hiram hesitated for a moment. He looked at her, eyes smiling, and asked,"You're asking if I'm scared of you?"

"Right. Are you?" Rachel urged, and winked at him expectantly.

To be honest, Rachel couldn't see Hiram being scared of her - or of anyone, for that matter.

After holding it in for as long as he could, Hiram finally let out a loud laugh.

Just as she had expected.

"Stop laughing! Just answer the question! Have you ever been scared of anyone before?" she pushed him playfully, wondering what weaknesses were hidden within the man before her.

"Of course, I'm flesh and blood like everyone else. And I told you just now, I'm scared of you!" Hiram grinned. His laughter faded as he looked at her, and realized just how true this was.

After they married, he had often felt scared and surprised that he could possess such depth of feeling.

When she had been kidnapped at the theater, he had been confronted with his fear, and was forced to consider that she might not survive.

When she went into labor, delivering their twins, he had feared again that he would lose her.

When she had run away after Lydia's jumping, he was terrified that he would never see her again for as long as he lived. This fear lingered in his heart, and prickled behind his eyes when he looked at her.

Yes, he was afraid of her. If there was anything or anyone that Hiram Rong could possibly be afraid of, it must be Rachel.

She was his one weakness.

It was getting dark, and the lights in the amusement park began one by one to flicker to life. All of a sudden, the world around them began to look like a hazily lit dream.

"Really? Is that true?" Rachel's eyes were widened. Before he could answer, she stretched out her arms and demanded that he carry her,"One lap around the fairground. Only then will I forgive you for what you did last night."

She winked at him and pointed her chin at the expansive ground, which stretched as far as the eye could see.

Why did he carry another woman last night?

"Alright, but is one lap enough? You know I can do better than that!" Hiram replied. Hiram's tone was indulgent. He bent over immediately and whisked her into his arms.

As long as it stopped Rachel from being upset, he would carry her anywhere she wanted to go. Even if his arms were broken, he would carry her still.

"You say that now! It's a long way and it won't be easy!" Rachel snorted at him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, remembering the weight that she had recently put on.

But Hiram strode as if she was a feather in his hands. Rachel cl

delay you for one minute."

Hiram thought it over and replied,"Okay. I'll go to work first thing tomorrow morning. Carl will drive you to the hotel and then, once you're done, take you to join me at Streams Building."

"Alright!" Rachel nodded. She kicked him with her bare foot and urged,"It's getting late! Time to go to bed! Go and take a quick shower."

Hiram looked at her elegant feet and tried, unsuccessfully, to fake a frown. He gently lifted those feet away from him before walking into the bathroom.

When Rachel woke up the next morning, Hiram had already left for work.

Rachel got up and started to get dressed. She packed her luggage and waited downstairs for Carl to pick her up and take her to the hotel she had stayed at the night before yesterday.

She called Marcus to let him know she was coming, and he told her he would wait for her.

They reached the hotel and Rachel told Carl to wait for her at the entrance "Carl, I'll be back in one minute," It would waste time coming in and out of the parking lot, and there was plenty of space for the car to wait at the entrance.

"Okay, I'll be right there. Just go ahead, Rachel," Carl responded with a nod.

Rachel stepped onto the elevator and looked at her watch. It was half past eight. It would take half an hour from here to the Streams Building, and she should hurry up.

As soon as the doors opened she hurried to Marcus's room, and knocked urgently on the door.

A female cleaner passing by greeted Rachel with a polite smile,"Good morning!"

"Morning!" Rachel greeted her back, trying to keep the impatience from her face as she waited for Marcus to answer the door.

About five agonizing minutes later, the door opened.

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