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   Chapter 465 Are You Afraid Of Me

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screamed Joyce as she ran towards Rachel. She had seen her mother going downstairs and it worried her little mind that Rachel might be leaving again. Joyce panted,"Mom, you're finally here! Nadia, Jonny and I have been waiting for so long!"

Rachel smiled at her daughter's cute and innocent face, took her hand and walked down with her.

The three kids ran around happily in the playground.

Watching the children dissolved Rachel's face into a joyful smile. The twins were so kind and considerate towards Nadia. They were the perfect pair of older siblings.

"Carl, I find that Nadia is very fond of Jonny. Do you think that when they grow up they will..." Rachel stopped mid-sentence when she found that Carl had walked away, and in his place stood Hiram.

"Well... What? Why do you stop?" asked Hiram, as he stood near Rachel and watched Nadia and Jonny play hand-in-hand.

"Nothing! Jonny and Nadia seem to like each other now, so I was pondering over what the future might hold?" Rachel answered with a thoughtful face, the innocence of the playing children had awakened the sweet memories of her youth.

Hiram, after realizing the true meaning of her words, frowned and said,"My son deserves a better girl than the daughter of Shirley."

Rachel coughed and said,"That is unfair! That's not her fault, Nadia didn't choose to be Shirley's daughter!"

"What I meant was that she might be as 'eccentric' as Shirley is." said Hiram offhandedly, although Nadia seemed perfectly normal.

Who knows what kind of person she will turn out to be in the future.

"You, are behaving just like your stubborn father!" Rachel said with a frown. Since Nadia was just a child now, nobody could predict what her future had in store for her. Not even little Nadia had a clue.

"This is different! Don't you think Nadia will share some of the traits of her mother? Nadia was born in the countryside and adopted by a family after her mother murdered her father.", said Hiram calmly. He wasn't one to cling to any prejudices but he believed in being very frank and objective about matters.


Rachel was silenced by the brutality of Hiram's honest opinion, but couldn't help sensing the fateful familiarity between Na

rstand that.", and held Rachel even tighter.

Besides, Rachel, need I remind you that you are the only person that can awaken my carnal being? So your worries are baseless," said Hiram huskily.

Rachel was reminded that Hiram was unlike all other men.

While other men didn't discriminate between pursuing any and all kinds of women, Hiram had eyes only for her.

Rachel coughed awkwardly before asking,"Hiram, are you afraid of me?" She took a step forward to turn and look at him.

Hiram broke into laughter, and turned to look at Carl, who was playing with the kids on the merry-go-round.

The question was hard to answer, but since she had raised the question he was obligated to address her concern, no matter how hard it was.

"Yes, I am afraid, Rachel. I am afraid of hurting you or making you sad. I would be afraid to see it, especially, if the hurt was caused by me," Hiram said, his eyes glazing over the setting sun.

"If that happens, I really want to kill myself."

If anything upset her, he could always offer his undying support, but if he was the one who caused Rachel any pain, it was too unbearable for him to live through. He would agonize over it forever.

Rachel was moved by his words, but they hadn't calmed her deep-seated fear.

"Thank you, Hiram, you are incredibly loving to have said that. But you didn't answer my question. Are you afraid of me? Do I scare you? Is it possible that one day I might scare you away?" she insisted worriedly.

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