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   Chapter 464 Honey, You Must Go

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Rachel swiftly slipped her purse under her seat in the car. She knew the old woman would keep asking her for money.

She was sure to take her phone from her purse beforehand.

Soon after, she received a phone call from an unknown number.

She guessed it was Marcus.

She was right. It was his voice that answered.

"Hey, you left your purse in my car. But I'm not available right now to give it to you." Marcus cut straight to the point.

"It's okay. I can go get it tomorrow," Rachel said. There were mostly just receipts in her purse that she didn't need anytime soon.

It wasn't necessary for her to get it back right away.

"Ok, call me before you come to get it tomorrow," Marcus said demandingly.

"Okay." Rachel hung up.

She headed home. Fannie came out of her room when she heard Rachel's footsteps.

"Rach! Neither you nor Hiram came home last night. What was going on?"

Rachel lifted Joyce up onto her hip. "Mom, nothing to worry about. We were together," Rachel replied.

"Oh, I got it. Just a little special night out for you two?" Fannie let out a sigh. She was relieved.

Rachel nodded. She didn't want to talk about last night.

After lunch, she played with the kids. She tried to teach them some basics but she later found out it was completely unnecessary.

Her twins were very intelligent and a lot smarter than she was when she was their age.

"Mommy, you were wrong. the TV just said, 'Although I often walk through flowers, I rarely notice the beauty of the flowers.'" Joyce corrected. To her, it was easy to memorize things. She didn't understand why it was hard for her mother.

Rachel stared at her daughter in frustration.

She felt like she was going to be the dumb one in the family, especially with her brilliant kids.

"Joyce, be nice to mom. She is also smart." Jonny didn't like hearing Joyce speak with attitude to their mom.

It made him upset to see his mom upset.

Rachel was too tired to think straight.

"Mom! It's Dad!" Joyce screamed

d go with the kids by yourself. Enjoy some quality time with them." She said with her eyes closed.

Hiram stared at her, with tenderness in his eyes.

He wouldn't let go of her, hoping to coax her.

"No, you must go. Please!

I know you're still mad at me. It's all my fault. But the kids are innocent. It has nothing to do with them, right? They are expecting to have fun with their parents. Please don't disappoint them." Hiram whispered in her ear and he put his hand around her waist gently.

Hiram knew that she wouldn't refuse him with things related to the kids. No matter how angry she was, she wouldn't show her anger in front of the kids.

More than that, his real purpose was to take his wife out for distraction. He wished she could forget about what had happened, even just for a while.

If she wouldn't go, why did he even bother to plan it? She had to go!

At the sound of that, Rachel opened her eyes and looked at him.

But then she just turned her head and kissed him.

He smiled and pouted his lips to deepen the kiss. "Baby, your kiss feels so nice."

He pushed her back onto the bed and pushed his tongue into her mouth and began kissing her as hard as he could.

Rachel gave in to his dominance.

When she and Hiram got downstairs, they saw the three kids already waiting for them with eager eyes.

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