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   Chapter 462 I Deserved The Hardest Punishment

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Rachel opened the door to leave her room but stopped in her tracks when she saw him waiting outside. She stood there for a while staring at him, then stepped back inside and slammed the door.

She hadn't expected to find him waiting outside. Earlier when she thought he had left it gave her sleepless night. But, now that she knew he hadn't left, it just made her more restless.

Rachel paced back and forth in the room anxiously. Her disquietude was so acute that she felt time had slowed down to a torturous pace.

One hour later, she felt she had had enough. She let out a sigh and opened the door, and walked to Hiram.

He slowly opened his eyes to look at her. "You can't go to sleep?" he asked in a low and husky voice.

Rachel breathed a sigh as she reached out for his hands. Then she took his arm and turned to walk in to the room.

Instantly she felt his arms wrap tightly around her waist from behind. "Honey, I'm so sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn't have hugged other women. I deserve the worst punishment," he pleaded.

She heard the deep guilt in his voice laced with the smell of alcohol on his breath. The knots in her stomach twisted uneasily at his words.

She froze at the door for a moment. Then she also wrapped her arms around him and they walked into the room, shutting the door behind them.

"Hiram, please try and get some sleep," she said. In spite of her anger, she still cared about her husband. Especially when he was so tired.

"How about you? You didn't sleep without me either, did you?" Hiram asked in a soft voice as he kissed her ears. He then kissed her face and continued,"Sleep with me, okay?"

Rachel, still silent, dragged him into the bedroom.

Hiram lay down on the bed and pulled her into bed with him and said sweetly,"Sweetie, I won't be able to sleep without you."

She glanced at him before getting up and walking over and took off his shoes. Then she lay down beside him.

Hiram raised the quilt and dragged her into his arms again. "If you like, you can still be mad at me tomorrow. But now, let's sleep first, shall we?

And, honey, I'm sorry...

I swear I didn't want to touch any other woman. Sometimes I just have to, you know. But believe me, I didn't cheat on you. My heart and body are always going to be yours..."

He loved her so purely that nothing can change that.

Rachel could hear the love an

arcus, I heard you were in H City. How about we have lunch together?" said Flora's voice on the line.

Marcus agreed and said,"Okay. You choose the place and dinner will be on me."

"I won't let you pay the bill every single time, Marcus. This time I will take the bill, and you just have to come to the restaurant. I'll send you the address later," said Flora in a gentle voice, and ended the call.

Rachel cast a glance at Marcus and said,"Was that Flora? You both seem to get along well with one another."

She didn't mean to pry, she only thought Flora was quite an extraordinary woman.

Marcus knitted his eyebrows in dissatisfaction at having Rachel eavesdrop on his conversation. He put down his chopstick, stood up, then said,"Excuse me." Then he left the table.

Rachel raised her eyebrow. Marcus's attitude seemed so familiar to her.

It reminded her of the old Hiram.

When she realized that, she couldn't help laughing out and shaking her head. Soon after she stood up to leave herself.

Rachel sensed Marcus's dislike for her so she intentionally slowed her pace so as to avoid seeing Marcus again.

She walked out of the hotel to find a taxi.

Since she had used a taxi yesterday to reach the hotel, she decided to take a taxi again. It would save Carl, her driver, some trouble.

While she was waiting, she suddenly saw a black Rolls-Royce slowly passing by.

She knew it was Marcus's car so she looked the other way. Since he disliked her, she would prefer avoiding another meet.

But to her surprise, the Rolls-Royce came to a halt in front of her.

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