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   Chapter 461 Hiram Pleaded Rachel.

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Rachel raced into the elevator, and pressed the close door button constantly. She was now enraged and disappointed. The only thing she wanted to do at this moment was to elope. She didn't feel like uttering any word to Hiram or listening anything from him.

As the door closed, she noticed her husband's face full of anxiety. He hastened forward but still missed the elevator. Rachel heard a big bang behind the door and a sigh, but she was unsteady to respond to him.

She rested against the wall and closed her eyes to remain composed. The scene that Hiram held that woman once again flashed into her mind. The man who had promised that she was his only love in his whole life deceived her.

She was unconvinced by what she had seen. But it did happen. She once thought her husband was unlike other men. She believed that he was a sincere and ardent lover.

However, the scene she witnessed revealed that he was another common man. He couldn't refrain from getting attracted to a beauty like the other men. Hiram was mesmerized by the beauty and totally forgot what he had promised to his wife.

The more Rachel thought about her husband, the more infuriated she became. 'You son of a bitch, Hiram.' Rachel couldn't stop imprecating him in her heart.

When the elevator stopped at the first floor and the door opened, Rachel was about to step out and suddenly she spotted Hiram who was running down the stairs.

She ran hastily towards the gate without any hesitation.

Hiram was really a fast runner. Thanks to his daily habit of exercise, he could speed up with Rachel who caught the elevator by running down the stairs.

The waiters and waitresses were surprised to see a pretty woman running out from the elevator and a handsome man running behind her. They couldn't resist from murmuring and gossiping.

Rachel who had proximity to the gate got out before Hiram. She rushed to find her car in the parking lot.

Then suddenly, she found a taxi. She boarded the taxi, instead of driving by herself.

By the time Hiram came out, Rachel had disappeared.

"Damn it," Hiram said, heaving and looking helplessly at the taxi, at a distance.

Rachel heaved a sigh of relief and slumped into the back seat when she saw Hiram standing at the gate through the reflective mirror.

"Excuse me, where are you going?" asked the driver politely.

'Where should I go?' Rachel asked herself in heart, looking emptily at the neon lamps disappearing fast outside the window.

Of course, she couldn't go home.

If she returned home, it would be difficult for her to escape from Hiram.

She didn't want to see him, at least before she composed herself.

"To the Hotel," finally she replied.

"Then which hotel are you going to?" the driver asked again.

"The best and the most luxurious hotel in H City," Rachel replied.

She felt like her head was about to burst. She tried to convince herself that Hiram was circumstantial and tried to understand him, but failed. She could not digest the fact that Hiram was holding another woman in such a sensual way.

Especially, she heard that woman saying something arousing.

Rachel could imagine what w

all right?" Celine asked anxiously through the phone. Hardy was drunk. It took Celine so much effort to take him home and put him into the bed. She called Rachel when she was done.

"Don't worry. I'm mad and furious, but I won't do anything stupid," replied Rachel as she muted for a while.

"Rachel, don't be depressed and agitated. I heard that woman is a B-girl. I don't think Hiram would be attracted to her. Don't take it seriously," Celine comforted Rachel.

Rachel didn't reply. She looked out of the window. It was post midnight. It looked so dark outside.

"Rachel... Rachel...Can you hear me?" Celine asked anxiously as she didn't get any response from Rachel. She was really distressed about her friend. If she placed herself in Rachel's situation, she would never know how to overcome it.

"I'm fine. I just want some relaxation time. Don't worry. Good night." Saying so, Rachel hung up the phone. She sat on the couch with her arms touching her knees, looking desolately outside the window.

She just sat there, not noticing the whiling of time. At last, she felt she should doze up, but she wasn't sleepy at all.

Lying on the couch, Rachel took her phone and hovered the screen to check the contact list from the first name to the last, twice. And finally her eyes glued to the name Daniel.

She wanted to call him, but refrained from doing so.

She had not met Daniel for a long time and didn't get any information about him and his girlfriend. She was afraid that her call at this time would make Daniel's girlfriend misapprehend her.

On such a thought, she placed her phone on the table.

She didn't want to cause any inconvenience to her friend.

Then she raised up and roamed about the room, forgetfully. When she reached the door, she unlocked it and planned to walk in the corridor.

As she unlocked the door, she saw Hiram standing there. She thought he left.

He looked restless, leaning against the wall with half-closed eyes, and hands in his pocket.

Hearing the door sound, he opened his eyes and asked in a low and hoarse voice,"Why didn't you go to bed?"

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