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   Chapter 460 The Negative Impact Caused

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Bonnie glanced at Judd Zhao who had a saggy stomach, and a look of discomposure quickly emerged on her face. Then she turned to Hiram and asked,"Mr. Rong, you don't like me? But... I really admire you. I have seen you only on TV before. Today when I first saw you in real, I felt my heart pounding in my chest and telling me to move close to you."

Bonnie's speech astonished other people in the private room and they hooted at them. They pushed them in the middle of the sofa and said,"Mr. Rong, now that this beauty has said that, why don't you give her a hug?"

Bonnie smiled timidly but she looked at Hiram warmly with her beautiful eyes. She had always desired for a man like Hiram, who was one of a kind and she dreamed about having a relationship with.

In a way, what she revealed was not fallacious though it sounded like she was kidding.

Hiram still wore a polite smile on his face, but there was a cold look quickly beaming in his eyes. "Bonnie was just kidding. Don't take it seriously," he said.

"Mr. Rong, I was not kidding. If you don't believe, you can feel it. My heart beat is rapid!" As she spoke, she suddenly trapped Hiram's hand and put in on her chest to allow him to feel her heart rates.

As soon as he touched her soft clothes, he scowled and revoked his hand.

"Mr. Rong, did you feel it just now?" Bonnie asked with a serious look, with her face beautified so well.

Hiram swirled his mouth and gasped on his cigarette, then said,"Miss Bonnie, you are so hot, how would I focus my mind on your heart rates?"

He revealed the bitter truth and refused her in a circuitous way.

Hearing this, Bonnie paused and blushed. She picked up the bottle, filled his glass as well as her glass.

Then she raised her glass and tingled her glass against his. "Mr. Rong, I propose a toast to you."

Hiram nodded, raised his glass and took a sip.

"I have heard that Mr. Rong was considerate about his wife. So I guess you also make other women feel indebted, probably?" Bonnie enquired in a gentle voice, filling his glass again.

"Of course. And you are such a ravishing beauty. You deserve man's good treatment!" Judd Zhao, who was sitting beside Hiram, said and smiled, forming his eyes into slits.

Hiram furrowed his eyebrows slightly and didn't respond to his words. He to

room. But when she saw a man walking out with a gorgeous woman in his arms, she was overwhelmed.

Bonnie, who was tugged in Hiram's arms, didn't notice Rachel. She stared at Hiram with ardent eyes, intimately put her arm around his neck and smiled coyly.

"Mr. Rong, you must often work out. Your arms are so strong. When I'm held by you, I couldn't help thinking something romantic..." Bonnie moved closer without realizing that the look on his face was cold.

Hiram's gigantic body made Bonnie blushed. She inclined to his chest and smiled proudly.

Rachel tried to divert her eyes off this scene. She managed to control her tears which were about to roll down, descended her head and walked away speedily.

In other words or literally, she ran away.

"Hey! Rachel! Why do you run!"

Celine was busy lifting Hardy, so she did not notice Hiram, who was standing straight opposite to her at the entrance.

But when she progressed two steps more, she noticed Hiram as well as the woman in his arms. She was dumbfounded.

"Mr.··· Mr. Rong? Rachel! Wait!" Celine wanted to catch up with her because she knew that Rachel felt hurt by the scene. However, she was helpless that she could not leave drunken Hardy alone and console Rachel.

Hiram stared at the woman who was rushing to the elevator, then his heart skipped a beat and suddenly he let down his arms.

Bonnie screamed, as she slammed onto the floor accidentally and sobbed in pain!

But to her surprise, Hiram treaded over her body and walked towards the elevator.

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