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   Chapter 458 Long Time No See

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"Okay, since you are desperate and I too need a girlfriend. I think we can give it a try,"

said Hardy. He put his hand on Celine's waist gently and continued,"However, I'm weak in understanding a girl's expectation. If you need something or expect something from me, you can convey to me."

Celine lowered her head and embraced Hardy.

By the time she had reached home, Celine was smirking from ear to ear. She was elated and excited that she woke up from her dream, jovially.

'Oh, I haven't told Rachel about this!' She suddenly got reminded that she should share this exhilarating news with Rachel and thank her.

And Celine was so happy that she forgot to check the time. Instead, she just dialed Rachel.

"Hello, Celine. What happened?" Rachel spoke in a husky voice. She was asleep by the time Celine woke her up.

"Rachel! I'm going to share enthralling news with you!" Celine couldn't conceal her happiness. She forgot that her feet had not recovered and danced merrily.

Hearing Celine, Rachel was no longer sleepy. She released herself from Hiram's arms and asked Celine curiously,"What? Really? Tell me! What happened? Did Hardy stay in your house tonight?"

Celine felt ridiculous by Rachel's continuous questions. "No, no, no. Hardy is not such type of guy. He drove me home and left. He didn't even step into my house.

He is a thorough gentleman. And he is not gutsy to hold my hands. Rachel, I think I met the right person this time. Hardy is such a darling to me!"

When Celine went steady with Philip, he couldn't wait to be intimate with Celine. But Hardy was different from Philip.

Holding her cell phone in her hand, Rachel glanced at Hiram who was aroused by her conversation with Celine. So Rachel wore her slippers and paced towards the balcony. "So, you and Hardy already?"

Celine didn't say a word but chuckled.

Rachel could guess Celine was shy and she understood what happened. "Celine, you really impressed me! This was the second time you both had met. And you are fortunate to start a relationship with Hardy? You told me that Hardy was negligent and callous about relationship. How come he would accept you?"

"Well… I thought so too. I misint

nment so that they would develop the habit of attending school regularly.

"Mom, can you get into the car with the kids first? I want to buy some cakes in the bakery across the street." Rachel requested Fannie and directed the children to get into the car first.

"Sure, go ahead." Fannie said as she assisted Joyce to sit on the child seat. She returned to the palace two days ago. She was thinking about preparing meals for the children when they went to school, fulfilling her duty as a grandmother.

Rachel took out her purse and paced towards the bakery.

The moment she was about to cross the street, Hiram called her.

"Hi, Hiram. Are you off work?" queried Rachel as she crossed the street.

"Not yet. I have a meeting this evening. I might be late to home." Hiram said to Rachel. It was the company's two regular customers. And every time they came to H City, Hiram would meet them in person. After all, their collaboration was worth billions of dollars. He could not manage to lose them.

"That's okay. Don't take too much wine, okay?" Rachel alerted. She relied on Hiram completely and there was nothing to worry about.

"Uh-huh," Hiram said gently,"Go home safely. I got to go now, bye."

Rachel hung up too. As she placed her mobile inside the bag, she saw a car stop suddenly in front of her.

She was terrified. But somehow she realized that this car was familiar.

As soon as she raised her head, a man got out of the Rolls-Royce.

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