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   Chapter 457 I Accept You

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Hardy gave a deep thought to Celine's words and failed to notice that Celine held his hand again.

Celine raised up with the help of Hardy, and then she headed towards a heap of leaves.

Hardy pursued her and found the golden apple hidden within the heap of leaves. He wiped off the dust on the apple and gave it to Celine.

Celine grabbed it and looked at it for a while. She was elated. The apple in her hands was as big as baby's fist, and it was made of gold with exquisite workmanship. It seemed obvious to her that the apple was a precious one.

It must cost Rachel a huge penny to be the matchmaker.

After taking a closer look, Celine found that there was an insignificant gap on the apple. She gently opened it and realized it was a hidden gear. The apple could be divided into two halves by opening the gap and moulded as one by closing it.

"Hardy, this is for you." Celine gave half of the apple to Hardy. She believed it personified good luck.

Hardy saw the gear too. He shook his head to refuse Celine. "Thank you, but I don't want to take it."

"Why? Since the game was designed in this way, people who found it are supposed to share the accolade," said Celine. She paced forward and grabbed his hand, putting half of the apple on his palm.

Looking at the half of apple, Hardy became quiet. Then he rooted his eyes on Celine, whose face was filled with a radiant smile.

In the bamboo forest.

Rachel carried a rigid face when she looked at the two facing each other. Then she shifted her focus on Hiram. "Dear, well done! I will honor you!"

Hiram raised his eyebrows as a response. Then he took Rachel's hand and thought to himself, 'It was such a challenging task to find out this apple, but she was magnanimous to give it to her best friend.'

Naturally, Celine and Hardy entered the next round.

At the last ball, Celine desired to dance with Hardy regardless of her pain. To make her feel good, Hardy fulfilled her wish.

As the game ended, most of the guests decided to stay back for the nigh

l feelings. Even if you reject me, I won't regret for it."

She released Hardy's hand and heaved a sigh.

"Thanks for dropping me safely. Drive meticulously on your way back."

Hardy was astonished by Celine's confession. He did not anticipate that she would say something like that. Turning around slowly, Hardy looked at Celine, who exploded, and consoled,"Don't cry, please.

I hope you accept my job and understand that I have no time to accompany you in my busy schedule. Then we can give it a try. We can initiate our relationship."

On hearing this, Celine stopped crying and looked at him unbelievably,"… What did you say?"

"I said I don't consider your past. If you can accept my job, we can go ahead and test whether our relationship will work or not," Hardy repeated his words again.

Celine smiled with tears in her eyes. She stepped forward and held Hardy's hand,"Really?

Are you concluding this out of sympathy?" Celine asked in anxiety.

Hardy shook his head strongly and answered,"No, I think you are right. I'm old enough and it's time to think about this. Also, you need a companion. Since we need each other, why don't we give it a try?"

Celine leaped to hug Hardy as he comforted her with soothing words, that she even forgot her pain. She asked in excitement,"Really? You said you are willing to accept me. Am I right?"

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