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   Chapter 455 A Warm Party

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"Oh, right! I've got you the perfect fancy dress, Celine. Please get changed before dancing," Rachel said. Since Hardy and Celine barely knew each other, she thought that it would be better if she showcased all of her assets to him.

"You're so good!" Celine shouted with excitement. She put her hands around Rachel's shoulders and added,"Oh, what can I do to return the favor to you, Rachel? What would I ever do without you?"

"Stop it!" Rachel complained and glared at her, as she pretended to be angry.

She pushed Celine aside, who was just about to kiss her.

"It's a pity that you weren't a man, or I'd go out of my way to marry you!" Celine pouted and said as she pulled Rachel's clothes and leaned into her face.

Rachel couldn't help but laugh as she pushed Celine's face away, and urged her amusedly,"Come on now! Go and get ready! Hardy will arrive any minute, and please, do remember that you're the queen tonight!"

Celine blushed upon her words and grumbled embarrassingly,"Oh, my God! How do I look now? I'm afraid that I might've acted like a fool? I best calm down! There is no sign of anything happening yet?"

She wouldn't have dared to meet Hardy again if it wasn't for her wishful thinking to become his girlfriend.

"You look fabulous! Please relax! I've prepared two or three games for the night. I promise that you and Hardy can spend more time together!" Rachel spoke in an assured manner as she reached out both of her hands and clapped them together.

Celine was embarrassed by her sudden movements and buried her face into her hands. "Isn't it too fast? Sleeping together on the first date, I mean?" she murmured through her fingers that were covering her face.

"What are you thinking, honey? I mean, you can get to know each other better first! I didn't suggest that you sleep with him tonight!" Rachel explained as she glared at Celine. At that moment, the chef came to tell them that everything was ready.

Shortly thereafter, Chason, the housekeeper, came over as well.

"Mrs. Rong, Mr. Rong just called and said that the band will be here in a few minutes. He asked you to choose the songs," he said politely with a proper smile on his face.

Rachel and Celine looked at each other with excitement, and Celine exclaimed,"Wow! You didn't tell me that you invited a band to perform here tonight! What a surprise!"

To be honest, Rachel herself also had no clue until now, and it must have been Hiram who arranged it.

Rachel felt overwhelmed but managed to gather her thoughts once again,"Alright now, don't hang about! Let's go and see which songs you would like to play at the party."

When they were done picking the songs, the time had come.


clapped her hands, as several beautiful girls walked in. They were each wearing masks and uniforms.

"I invited these pretty girls here to play with us. Especially, since we have more men than women here," she explained. Since the male colleagues from her company were also single, including Hardy and Carl, she decided to invite more women during the afternoon.

She asked Chason to find some single ladies and invited them to the party. She wanted to introduce them to the bachelors in the room. It would've been better if they could go out together later, and if not, they had to accept what came to circumstances.

Since the purpose of this party was to match people together, she would try her best to do so successfully.

Thus, she planned three interesting games.

"Listen to me! Look, there're balloons of different colors on both sides of this room. The gentlemen must stand on the left, while the ladies stand on the right. The lights will go out later. Please be sure to pick a balloon randomly. Try your best to get one!

When the music stops, the lights will be switched on, and those who grab balloons with the same color will form a team. Remember, the following games will require teamwork!"

As Rachel finished speaking, Luke suddenly whistled and shouted out loudly,"Can we join the game too? We're not here with our partners tonight, even if we're married!"

Kun also echoed with a naughty smile,"Right! Please let us join them! It's only a game!"

Chad clapped his hands and added fuel to the fire. He then shouted,"Good idea! Rachel, let's play together! Let's join in! Come on, Celine! I'll go and call Hiram to join us too!"

Rachel gave him a stern look.

They rehearsed before, and had planned to take Celine in, not her. How could all of them change their side?

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