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   Chapter 454 Gavin And Joanna Arrived.

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Rachel pacified the moment she heard her mother's words. She had gone to the party yesterday and the news must have reached their ears. Then Joanna and Gavin must have known that she had come back.

Hiram alerted her before that he wouldn't allow his parents to visit the kids as long as she didn't come back, and he didn't tell them on purpose that she came back a few days ago.

Thus, they came here immediately when heard the news that she was back.

"I'm going inside now. Honey, please be kind to your father-in-law, and don't do things that would upset him. Please adhere to my words!" Fannie urged her worriedly and patted her on her shoulders before she returned to her room.

Rachel heaved a sigh and was completely aware that she had to approach them sooner or later.

Gavin and Joanna had walked inside as Rachel wondered.

"Rachel, honey! You are back! Thank God!" Joanna exclaimed the moment she saw Rachel.

She walked to Rachel hastily and held her hands excitedly with a relief. "It's amazing to see you come back safe and sound, and you will never know what I went through all these days. I had to forego many sleepless nights concerned about you!" she added.

Looking at the genuine anxiousness on Joanna's face, Rachel also gripped her hands with a myriad of thoughts and ideas.

"Mom, can you forgive me at least now?" she couldn't help but ask.

Her touching words led to tears in Joanna's eyes instantly. She looked back at Gavin before replying.

"Honey, listen to me. It was all my fault, and I shouldn't have said such words to you. You did not commit any mistake, and you're the most innocent one in this regard. Lydia was stubborn. Gavin and I were biased. I wish I'd never said that to you. Please forgive me, and please forgive both of us!" she justified intently.

Both of them gave a serious thought about it the days Rachel was away.

Hiram never preferred to see his parents since Rachel left. He also prohibited his parents from seeing his kids.

Hiram was depressed about Rachel's absence and he suffered more. She had learned from Carl and Ben that Hiram underwent so many sleepless nights, thinking about his own wife leaving him alone and he was addicted to alcohol to overcome that pain.

Gavin and Joanna felt guilty about Hiram being despondent. They could not see their only son in distress and regretted for having been the reason for it.

"Rachel," Gavin greeted as he walked to her. Joanna had tried her best to convince him the past days, and now he also realized it was abhorrent him to repulse Rachel like that.

He couldn't figure it out before, because he had too much grudge due to the death of his younger sister. He used to think that his anger would fade away as soon as Fannie and Rachel stopped appearing before him.

However, he found it was by no means the trut

ted,"You don't need to say that, Fannie. Gavin and I also had aversion for you. Let's forget it now. Don't mention it anymore!"

Fannie nodded and wiped off the tears.

Rachel came over and held Fannie in her arms. Smiling in tears, she said,"Mom, look, we're all good now! You can stay with me as long as you want, and you can spend as much time with your grandchildren. Don't weep!"

Tears dropping from Fannie's eyes again, she held her daughter tightly and nodded to Joanna.

'Honey, it's you, right! You must have blessed us from heaven!' she thought.

'The day has finally arrived! Rachel and I have been waiting for a long time!'


Joanna and Gavin stayed for Lunch, and they left late that afternoon.

In spite of Rachel, requesting them to stay for the party arranged in the Castle, they refused and left off. They said they were not so energetic for such a party and wished the young people enjoyed the most.

They confirmed again and again that they would come and pick up the kids later because they wanted to have some quality time with them.

The castle was quite ready for the party. The servants had thoroughly cleaned it, both the lobby and the guest rooms. Since it was a long way from downtown and the party might last until midnight, Rachel thought it would be better to let them stay here for the night.

After all, there were plenty of rooms here.

"Celine, here you are!" Rachel greeted.

She was in the kitchen, watching the chef make desserts when Celine came in.

Celine looked around as she approached Rachel, asking in a delicate voice,"Did Hardy arrive, Rachel?"

Rachel smiled ridiculously. It seemed that Celine was hefting her neck to see Hardy. Then she teased,"Not yet! Relax! He'll come here with Chad after work. Be patient!"

"Alright," Celine replied with relief. She was all set for the party and could not wait to see Hardy.

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