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   Chapter 453 Rachel, I Loved Him

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Marcus glanced at Flora who was drowning in tears. Slowly, he parked his car outside her house.

"Here we are. Have a good rest."

Marcus's words brought Flora back to reality. She unfastened her seat-belt and gazed at him. "Thank you, Marcus. I should go now. Safe driving,"

said Flora while she opened the door and got out of the car.

Flora watched Marcus drive his Rolls-Royce away. She then turned around and walked towards the elevator.

On the other side, Rachel and Hiram decided to go back to the West Mountain District. It was far away from where the party was so they were still on their way back home.

Hiram asked Carl to send Celine home and Rachel asked Celine to come to her house tomorrow.

Once they were inside the car, Rachel looked through the open window and felt the wind caress her cheek. The view on the mountain at night was beautiful. She was humming songs while she enjoyed the beauty outside.

"Are you happy tonight?" Hiram raised his eyebrows and took a look at Rachel who seemed to be in a good spirit.

"Yes. Can't you see I'm happy?" Rachel glanced at Hiram. Deep down, she thought she was very lucky. Yesterday, Rachel was upset about what happened between Hiram and Flora. But today, Flora got scolded and slapped by someone. This sort of gave her some satisfaction.

"How's your party tonight? Your best friend was scolded by another woman tonight. How come you don't care about her? Didn't you notice her watching you the whole night?" Rachel questioned Hiram in a mocking tone while she listened to the music.

Hiram grabbed Rachel's hand and said,"There were lots of women watching me tonight. Am I supposed to talk to all of them?

As it comes to women, I only care about you."

After what had happened, Hiram realized that if he wanted Rachel to be happy, he shouldn't care about other women. If he didn't act carefully, those women would flatter themselves and think Hiram liked them. And this would put Rachel in a sour mood.

Besides, Flora came with Marcus tonight. Marcus should be the one who took care of her hence what happened to her was none of Hiram's business.

Rachel looked at Hiram with the corner of her eyes. Before she could say something, they arrived at the RaR Castle.

When they got out of the car, Hiram helped Rachel put on her clothes and held her shoulders before they walked inside.

When Rachel walked into the bedroom, she quickly took off her dress and removed her makeup. It was very inconvenient wearing such kind of clothes.

"Why are you in such a hurry? Let me help you." Hiram

her ministers would accuse me of not being virtuous and considerate. And then you may divorce me."

Rachel burst into laughter. In this movement, she felt they were acting very kiddish. They were all grown-ups yet they were discussing silly topics.

"I tell you what, Rachel. I can assure you that I wouldn't like Flora, not even in the ancient times," said Hiram. He pulled the quilt, got into bed and held Rachel in his arms.

Although Hiram didn't know other women's feelings, he knew clearly what he wanted.

"What are you doing?" Rachel blinked as Hiram moved closer and closer to her.

"Resuming what we were doing just now,"

Hiram lowered his voice and whispered into Rachel's ears. And he turned off his cell phone. This time, no one could disturb them.

Next morning, Rachel got up early to prepare for the party. She asked the servants to buy balloons and flowers. She wanted to decorate the castle.

"Chason, ask the servants in the Tulip Palace to come here and help us. This place is huge! I'm afraid that we might need more people," Rachel said to Chason after she gave it a thought.

She wanted to make this party as perfect as possible.

"Hello, Celine. It's Rachel speaking. I think you should invite Fiona and others to the party. You know, the more, the merrier. That's fine. Let's count it as employee benefits. Okay, don't be late. See you then!"

After she hung up, Rachel had a big smile on her face.

Anyway, those who would come to the party today were Rachel's family and friends. They would have a great time at the party.

Fannie was decorating the castle outside. Suddenly, she walked in and said to Rachel seriously,"Rachel, Gavin and Joanna have come to see you."

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