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   Chapter 452 Who Would He Choose

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"Stop hitting her. Can't you just talk like a normal person? You claim that she seduced your husband, but do you have any evidence to support your accusation? Can you show us the evidence?" Rachel stopped Mrs. Zhang's hand from grabbing Flora's hair.

Rachel couldn't deny that it was kind of pleasant to hear Mrs. Zhang abuse Flora, because to some degree, Rachel also vented out her anger on Flora by watching Mrs. Zhang insult her.

However, now that she had promised Marcus to help him take care of Flora for a while, she couldn't just stand by and watch Flora get hurt. At least she should pretend to care for her in the given moment.

Otherwise, people might say that she was a narrow-minded woman.

"Evidence? How could I possibly make her look bad? It's clear, and I don't need any evidence. She seduced my husband because he is rich and primarily because she could spend his money once she becomes his dirty mistress! I'm telling you bitch, stop dreaming about it! There's no way it's going to happen!"

Mrs. Zhang pulled Rachel away, pointed her finger at Flora's nose and swore at her.

Mrs. Zhang's words amused Rachel, yet she still wasn't able to smile.

She just wanted to tell Mrs. Zhang how ridiculous she was to believe that Flora seduced her husband. Besides, Rachel was 100% sure that Flora was innocent, as the only man Flora had feelings for, was her husband, Hiram.

Flora felt that it was humiliating to be stared at by so many people while she was being cursed at. "Mrs. Zhang, I want you to call your husband and tell him to come here. I prefer to let him tell you the truth, because either I seduced him, or he harassed me!" she said.

"Tsk. I've never seen a woman who is as shameless as you. You just want to see my husband!" Mrs. Zhang humphed and continued to hurl curses on her with an ironic smile on her face. "No way! I won't let you see him again. You're a shameless bitch!"

Just then, the people downstairs also heard the quarrel.

"Madam, did you misunderstand her, or something?" Marcus went upstairs, walked over to Flora, glanced at Flora's face which was already red and swollen and asked.

Mrs. Rong looked at Marcus who was well-dressed. Her experience told her that the man standing beside Flora, was much richer and more powerful than her husband.

"No. I've seen her photos in the album on my husband's phone. I recognize her!" As Mrs. Zhang spoke, she was a little surprised that Flora was such a 'capable' bitch, that could find another man so quickly.

However, even if Flora had found another rich guy, she was still going to teach her a lesson today, to make her not dare to seduce another woman's husband ever again!

Soon, Hiram also went upstairs. He didn't care about the dra

ary woman, with a background that isn't even better than mine. She was able to win Hiram's heart and let him spoil her. So why couldn't I possibly do the same?"

Marcus shook his head and said,"It's different. Rachel is a different person than you are. She looks innocent and delicate, but she has a very strong character. Mr. Rong likes her, which means that she must have something special in her that attracts him. Not everyone has that kind of special thing though, and that's okay."

Hearing this, Flora wiped the tears off the corners of her eyes and looked at him. "Really? Do you also think that Rachel is more attractive than me?"

"No." Marcus glanced at her and handed her tissues. "It's just about the type of man that Hiram is. Men all have different feelings for women," he said.

Flora held the tissue, wiped the tears off her cheek and asked,"Marcus, I want to ask you a question. If it was you, who would you pick between me and Rachel? Who would you choose?"


That question made Marcus pause for a while. Suddenly, he joked about it,"If it was you who had to choose between Hiram and me, who would you choose?"

His question made Flora pause for a second. "You two are different. You have your own merits and are both incredible men," she replied.

"That's it. There is no choice. You can't choose a man to love. Both men and women have their own feelings and different needs. Even if a person is excellent, we won't love the person unless we have feelings for them," he said.

After everything that Marcus had experienced with relationships, which was a lot, he could find an answer to such a difficult question relatively easily without hurting Flora.

However, after replying to her, he was still thinking about her question.

If he was Hiram, who would he have chosen, Flora or Rachel?

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