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   Chapter 451 You, Bitch!

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"Do you see her? She is the wife of Hiram."

"Yes, but she doesn't seem as beautiful as I thought. I can't understand...How could Hiram fall in love with a woman like her?"

"You're just being jealous. In what respect do you think she is worse than you? Even if she is worse than you in every aspect, the truth is - Hiram still loves her. What can you do about that?"

"Indeed, I'm far from being a perfect woman either, but I really doubt she could stay as a decent and proud lady for too long. As most of the men nowadays cheat on their wives, I'm afraid that people as rich as Hiram would easily be able to have several mistresses, carefully hidden from their wives. Perhaps, she is just a woman, who looks happy, but still has to sit in an empty room alone, waiting for her errant husband to finally come back home."

It seemed that these kinds of gossips didn't stop, ever since Rachel and Celine came upstairs. All the comments behind her back, including the "sour grapes", the irony, the poisonous spiteful offenses, disguised with fake flattery, could be heard almost everywhere in the building.

Nudging Rachel, Celine asked vigorously,"Do you hear what they are saying? All that crap means that they are super jealous of you. Don't take their words seriously and let them speak as much as they want. The more they talk about you, the more jealous of you they become!"

Without answering, Rachel simply shook her head with a smile and poured herself a glass of juice. Then, she sat on the chair beside her and began to look at the people talking downstairs.

Just at that moment, Flora came over and sat down opposite to her.

Pulling Rachel's arm and pointing to a woman in the crowd, Celine exclaimed,"Rachel, do you see that woman over there? I notice that she has been almost spying on Hiram, since we were here. Besides, just look at her feet that face towards your man. It means that she is dying to go and talk to him, but she seems to not have the guts to do it,"

Laughing wholeheartedly, she continued,"See? Although Hiram has come here with you, the fire of desire for Hiram in these women's hearts still couldn't be put out. "

Looking in the direction that Celine was pointing to, Rachel found out that there was, indeed, a woman peeking at Hiram.

"Rachel, but you don't have to worry about it, for I have found that every woman who has been trying to compete with you for Hiram`s attention and love had never had any success," Celine said, as she put a piece of fruit into her mouth. Actually, this was also the truth.

One such example was Shirley, whose situation turned out very badly.

Another case was Lydia, who ha

ng?" Flora asked, as it occurred to her that Chace was a regular customer of her restaurant. Then, she continued,"Are you Mrs. Zhang? There must be some misunderstandings between us. Chace always went to my restaurant to have dinner and I can guarantee you that nothing has happened between us."

"Nothing? Really? My husband sends you messages all the time and calls you "sweetheart" in the texts. So, you tell me can you really call this 'nothing happened'?" This unknown female asked, as she reached her arms to Flora's collar and forcefully dragged her from the seat.

"If my friend hadn't told me about your presence here, I wouldn't have found you! You, bitch, you deserve this!"

This woman screamed, as she raised her arm and gave Flora another strong slap across the face.

Holding her sore face, Flora shook her head and pulled her power together to reply,"Mrs. Zhang, this is not what you think. Indeed, your husband sends me messages all the time, but I seldom reply to him, except for business purposes. All the messages are the result of your husband's one-sided love for me. I have nothing to do with it!"

As she was a single woman, who had run a restaurant for many years, it was natural that some guys would develop a feeling for her.

And Mr. Zhang happened to be one of these guys.

But, Flora had never responded to his love positively.

"Ohh, really!!? You have nothing to do with it? My husband even called your name in his sleep!" Mrs. Zhang said, growing angrier, after hearing Flora's confessions.

"Don't act like I have wronged you. It is the bitches like you that I hate the most. You, whores, do nothing but to always think of seducing other women's husbands,"

Mrs. Zhang said, as she reached out her arm to grab Flora's hair.

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