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   Chapter 450 Glance Revealing Feelings Of Love

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Hiram was surrounded by a group of people. When he heard the reporter's question, he looked at Rachel and was about to go near her. But Marcus stopped him.

"I'm afraid that the reporter will shoot more questions at us if President Rong goes there. Shall we refrain from going here and watch what Rachel does by standing here?" Marcus smiled and looked at Rachel for a moment.

"Mrs. Rong? Can you answer my question?" The reporter was placing a microphone in Rachel's face.

Seeing this regressive reporter, who embarrassed Rachel, Celine progressed forward in an attempt to save Rachel from the situation. "This is her privacy. I don't think it's relevant for you to interfere in someone's life just like that!"

"It is obvious that Mrs. Rong left the Tulip Palace and the news has been on headline for almost a week. Almost everyone in H City is aware of it. Is it still private?" The seasoned reporter reacted quickly.

Celine wanted to bicker with the reporter, but Rachel stopped her.

Rachel stepped forward, with a smile on her face. She said in a mild tone,"Celine, calm down. It's her job, I understand. It's just answering some questions. Don't stop me from doing that."

Rachel then looked around the crowd who were eyeing and curious about what happened to the famous couple in the H City. She saw Hiram too. He furrowed his brows and was concerned about her.

Marcus gazed at Rachel too. He was waiting keenly to watch how Rachel would answer the questions.

Flora, who stood next to Marcus, seemed to be curious of Rachel's answer too.

"Yes. I did have a dispute with my husband and I wanted some space. So I left without informing him. I did not expect him to search for me. After some relaxation time, I decided to come back. Nothing much. It's very simple,"

Rachel slowly said.

If Rachel had mentioned she left due to of some issues, the reporter would have definitely introspected the problem. Therefore, she decided to give a thoughtful answer that it was a casual fight that would occur in any couple and was ready for a patch up soon later.

"Really? Would you mind telling us why you had a quarrel?" The reporter fired more questions as Rachel had anticipated before. She was trying to get an insight into the problem.

Rachel elated, took a l

owered her head and held his arm. She and Marcus walked to the sofa.

There were two floors on the top floor. One for the guest to have a rest and the other for them to relax, playing games or having beverages.

Rachel could see Marcus and Flora walking towards her. But she didn't expect them to stop by her side.

"Mrs. Rong, Would you like to go to the second floor and accompany my partner? I seldom go to a party like this so I want to meet more people. However, I don't want to leave her alone." Marcus said to Rachel softly.

Rachel was astonished. She looked at Flora and didn't know what to say.

However, Celine took the lead.

"No problem. You are Mr. Ren, right? I'm Rachel's friend. We met this morning. No problem, we can accompany her. You can just go to talk with other people. She won't feel isolated. We can reassure you!" Celine smiled.

Celine never knew about the cold war which was going on between Rachel and Flora. Therefore, Celine did not know what happened between Rachel and Flora, at all.

Otherwise, she would not have been so courteous towards Flora.

Hearing Celine, Rachel coughed and said,"Okay, no problem. Besides, I know Flora too."

Marcus looked at Rachel and nodded his head. He said gently,"Thank you, Rachel."

Then he turned around and walked towards the main meeting room.

Rachel took a look at Flora and said to Celine,"Let's go. It would be serene on the second floor."

"Uh-huh." Flora said lightly.

Then, the three of them rushed to the second floor.

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