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   Chapter 449 The Fairest of Them All

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Carl drove Rachel and Celine to the party, which was located at the top floor of a luxury hotel.

They arrived outside the hotel just in time to see Hiram's black Maybach pull up beside them.

As the other car slowed to a stop, Rachel got ready to open the door, but was quickly stopped by Celine. "Wait a moment, Rachel! Look at all the journalists outside. As soon as we get out, they'll start snapping billions of photos of us. Take your coat off so that you can show off your dress!"

Grateful for Celine's reminder, Rachel looked out of the window to find that all the other women looked stunning in their formal gowns. Seeing their breath become fog in the icy cold, Rachel grimaced and shrugged out of her coat. Now was not the time to stay warm.

Celine helped her to bundle up her coat and gestured for her to get out," Go join Hiram now. Carl and I will be right back!"

The first thing Rachel saw when she stepped out of the car was Hiram looking straight at her, and the longing in his eyes.

Hiram gazed at his wife, unable to look away. She was wearing a hollow-out lace top decorated with synthetic diamonds, which made her fair skin look so delicate that it seemed as if a mere breeze could take her away. Her long white skirts fell to her ankles in waves. When he looked into her eyes, he felt as if he was witnessing the first sunrise in existence, and she twinkled at him like a morning star. In that moment she could have been a fairy, stepping straight out of fairyland.

Hiram stood, stunned, before her, and Rachel saw the starlight shine golden in his dark eyes. He strode toward her, bowed, and offered his hand.

Seeing that slender, familiar hand before her, Rachel finally felt at ease. She let a smile flood across her face, and placed her hand into his. Hiram squeezed her hand and led her toward the stairs.

Out of habit, he put another hand over her shoulders, so as to keep out the wind for her.

"You look absolutely radiant. What did a man like me do to deserve such royalty? I'll have to restrain myself from falling down at your feet," Hiram whispered into her ear with a gentle smile.

Rachel raised her head and pouted playfully at him. She was focused on navigating the steep stairs, lifting her long dress and watching where she stepped with her perilously high heels.

The moment Hiram showed up, the journalists surged forward and a photography feeding frenzy began.

As they stepped into the hotel, Rachel turned to see a Rolls-Royce pull up to the entrance.

A handsome man and a pretty woman climbed out, arousing another round of tumult amongst the journalists.

"Hey, that's Marcus Ren. He's the one who built his own business empire - I hear he's just returned from abroad!"

"He's really living up to his reputation! What exceptional talent, and such a distinguished appearance!"

"But who

agne that was offered. She took a nervous sip. She rarely attended these kinds of events, and after all this time, she still felt unsure of how she should behave.

"Are you nervous? Come now, there's no reason for that! Look around, you're the equal of everyone else in this room. Didn't you see how people were staring at you when you came in? I bet they're wondering how someone who wasn't born rich can become the star of the show like that!" Celine teased. Celine was trying hard to put her friend's mind at ease, but she was also telling the truth. Rachel had quickly become the focus of the party.

She had once said that Rachel would be the most radiant person in the room if given the right opportunity. In this moment, Celine felt that she had been totally right.

After marrying Hiram, Rachel had been treated like royalty. Already so mature and independent before, her removal from the trials of everyday life had allowed her to maintain her optimism, and youthful spirit. Her mature side and fun-loving side, rather than conflicting, blended seamlessly to grant Rachel the unique spirit that no one else seemed to possess.

Rachel cast a sidelong glance at her long-time friend and smiled. Then she put the champagne glass on the table and took a deep breath.

Exhausted from having worn heels so long, she was about to ask Celine to come sit with her somewhere, when a journalist appeared from nowhere with a microphone in her hand.

"Good evening, Mrs. Rong! I have to say, you're gorgeous tonight. Do you think I could ask you a few questions?" she asked.

Before Rachel could respond, she started firing questions. "As we all know, a few days ago, Mr. Rong published a notice in the newspaper, trying to find you. May I ask, what happened there? Was there some kind of problem between the two of you?"

The jarring voice of the journalist immediately drew all eyes back to Rachel.

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